Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm in pain

Andy was pitching great. Sailing along, and then the heat (it was in the 80's) and the high humidity caught up to him. A couple bloops and then a blast, and it was goodbye lead, hello another loss. The offense again sputtered, putting up 4 runs, but with only 6 hits. 2 big flies by Giambi, and one by Matsui weren't enough simply because no one was on base.
This afternoon, Ian Kennedy, one of the young guns of Generation Tre takes the mound in Progressive Park. Game time is at 3:55 on Fox 5 in NY area, just after TWIB.

Has anyone taken a look at the Phillies 'pen?

Seanez, Romero, and Lidge have combined for nearly 30 innings, with a ton of K's, very few hits, and a 0.00 ERA.

Romero, who pitched in the AL with some success, seems to have settled in with Philly. He's averaged around 1 K per inning over the last 2 years.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Joba loses one

Everyone knew it would happen eventually. No one ever goes throughout a career without losing a game.
Yanks lost a tough one to the White Sox last night, 7-6, as the rain delays wreaked havoc with the Yankees pitching staff.

Hughes left after the second rain delay, following pitching 2 scoreless innings. Right-hander Ross Ohlendorf was knocked around pretty badly, and the Yankees fought to come back to tie the game at 6.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that the team left 14 runners on base. Just driving in half of them would have resulted in a NY rout.

Tonight, Andy takes the mound against Cleveland. Start time is 7:05 on channel 9 in NY area.



Thursday, April 24, 2008

Go Yankees

This is my new blog devoted to that team from the South Bronx, the Yankees.

My first entry is just a reprint from one of my other blogs, but I like it enough to put it out here today.

Hope you like it


It may be the cold medicine talking, but I realized recently that the Sox have a second player I don't hate. This may not seem like big news to anyone, but I have hated the Sox since my first game as a Crotchety Little Kid waaaaay back in 1961. And since then I have hated every player except Manny. I still want him to strike out every single at bat versus the Yankees, of course, but I don't hate him. I may even admit that I like him. Guy just makes me LOL.
But I did say a second player exists.

Sean Casey, back up infielder/DH was just mentioned on Mike and Mike the other day as being a really good guy. This made me happy because the Crotchety Old Lady and I met him when he was a rookie with the Indians. He was a really nice kid from South Jersey, and we have kind of watched his career over the years. It's good to know he is still a decent guy. I hope he does well, but not so well as to ever cost the Yankees a game.

It was nice to see the shirt that the moron buried in the new Yankee Stadium has raised some serious change for the Jimmy Fund. It ended at $175,000. Good to see some positive coming out of the actions of an idiot. Most actions don't have such a happy ending.

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