Friday, May 29, 2009

Yankees move into first

All alone atop the division.


Andy Pettitte got the win, Mo, the save.

CC starts tomorrow

Go Yankees

Joba to the bullpen?

I just was listening to Francesa, and he said by August 1st, Joba will be in the 'pen.

This has been on the mind of many Yankee fans for quite a while as Joba has been only ok as a starter. He has lost about 5 MPH in velocity, which Girardi claims was expected, but the difference between mid and high 90's is pretty significant in the big leagues.

Way back in the 70's when the Ryan Express was bringing it at over 100 MPH, I had some great seats at a game against the Angels. I was on the first base side and pretty close. It seemed like he wound up, and the catcher was throwing the ball back to him.

Yeah, Ryan threw some heat. If I recall, Nolan was consistently hitting between 100 and 105. As much as I like Joba and admire his talent, he has never approached those numbers. And, if the extra 5 MPH is really true, then would Ryan have been able to throw 110 or so as a reliever?

It just sounds like PR, and maybe Joba, as good as he can be, is best suited for the 'pen. He has shown flashes of brilliance as a starter, but he has also been average.

Go Yankees

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yanks take rubber game against Texas

The Yankee bats were booming as they pounded Texas pitching again, winning 9-2. But the good news is that Burnett looked good, notching his first win since mid- April, but the even better news is Wang looked like he is back. The box score showed 2 innings pitched, with 2 strikeouts and no hits, but the real story is that his turbo sinker, or whatever it's called, was blazing at 90+ MPH with a lot of movement.
Before he went down in April, he wasn't hitting those numbers. I'm not sure of the immediate plans for Wang, but he will be in the rotation soon enough.

Go Yankees

Yanks go for rubber game tonight

If the rains hold off, Burnett takes the hill and tries to get the team back on the winning track. Maybe it's me, but it seems like whenever there is a significant rain delay, the Yankees lose. Do they keep stats on this? It sure seems like they lose whenever there is a long delay.

Hopefully, the game will start at 8 EST tonight, as scheduled.

Posada has been making progress in his rehab, and may be joining the team shortly. Francisco Cervelli is getting a shot due to all the injuries, and he has been coming through. He has been displaying great confidence, to go along with a strong throwing arm. While his average in the minors last year wasn't great, he believes that he can hit major league pitching. That would be a bonus as Yankee fans have become spoiled with great hitting catchers. Dickey, Berra, Munson, Howard, and Posada were All-Stars who donned the tools for the Bombers. Could Cervelli be the next in that illustrous line?

Go Yankees

Monday, May 25, 2009

Yankees blast Texas

Phil Hughes pitched a terrific game, and the Yankees backed him up with 19 hits and 11 runs as they pounded the Ranger 11-1. The lone Ranger run came on a solo homer in the 9th off Aceves.

The Yankee attack was led by A-Rod, who went 5-5 and drove in 4 runs. Every Yankee starter had at least one hit, while Hughes's spread 3 hits and no runs over 8 innings. The 6 strike out performance was one of his best as a Yankee. The next game is Tuesday at 8:05 in Arlington.

Go Yankees

Yanks head to Texas

After dropping 2 of 3 to the Phils, including yesterday's extra inning battle royale, the pinstripers flew to Texas to take on the Rangers. The Yanks finished the home stand a very respectable 8-2. Phil Hughes will be trying to get the Yankees back on the winning track at a 2:00 start in the Texas heat.
After the let down from yesterday, along with the flight (didn't there used to be off days for travel?) I'm expecting a slow start. Hope I'm wrong.

BTW, CC pitched well yesterday, and did not figure in the decision.

Go Yankees

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