Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yankees Crush the Red Sox

Oh yeah!!!

Big 10-3 win. Pettitte was excellent, (6 IP 3 runs, 1 earned 7 K) and the bullpen finished the job with 3 scoreless innings.
3 Yankee batters were hit, and not one turned into a big crying pussy like Youkilis did last night.

That makes 8 in a row, and leaves the Pinstripers just one game behind the Sox. And they are only 2.5 behind the Rays at this point.

Go Yankees

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kevin Youkilis--super punk

Man up, Kevin Youkilis.

I realize that you are not the best and the brightest, but even a dunderhead like you should recognize that Chamberlain, hell, no pitcher, is going to throw at you in the 7th inning of a 1-0 game.

These games are important as the Yankees are breathing down the Sox necks. Are you so freakin stupid as to think he's going to intentionally put you on base with the game on the line?
Nice strikeout after that, by the way. And could you cry to the first base umpire just a little more?

Yeah, that's what Frank Robinson, Mickey Mantle, HankAaron, and all the great players did if the ball came close. They cried to the umpire at first base.

Good thing you play today. If you played back in the 60's and 70's, Gibson, Drysdale, or any of a number of pitchers would have planted it in your ribs and then dared you to even look at the mound.

You big pussy.

He'd hit his mama if she crowded the plate

Go Yankees

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yankees win on weird play

I just saw one of the craziest endings to a game in a long time.

Mo was on the mound, runner on first in the ninth. Yankees with a one run lead.

Fly out to Abreau. He loses the ball in the sun. Gets a glove on the ball, and drops it. He gets ball, and fires it to second. Overthrows Jeter. A-Rod, backing up the play, gets the ball, and flips to Jeter for the force out.

That's the great thing about baseball. When was the last time anyone ever saw a 9-5-6 force out?

On the next AB, Molina threw out the guy who reached on the FC, so it wound up looking like a normal inning in the record books, but it was rare for those who witnessed it. Almost lost in all that was Pettitte pitched 8 innings of one run 9K ball.

We are breathing down the necks of the Sox.

Go Yankees

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