Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yankees come back in 9th to beat Phils

Ninth inning heroics as A-Rod smacked a 2 run homer, and Melky then drove in Cano who had singled and stole second as the Yanks beat last year's "Mr Perfect," Brad Lidge. That is another walk off game winner for Melky, and another cream pie.

4 Homers as balls continue to fly out of Yankee Stadium. My favorite part of the game, of course, had to be the horrible announcers. John Mayberry Jr. was just called up, and had a big game. The announcers spent considerable time talking about John Mayberry Sr, and had him in the crowd and on camera several times. Here's the best part--they had the wrong guy.

Rubber game is Sunday at 1:00.

Go Yankees

Game of the Week

The Phils- Yanks are the game of the week on Fox.

The balls flew out of the park last night, and hopefully today will be a bit less. Pettitte is on the hill, and he can be hit or miss, it seems.

Joba was interviewed, and he said he will make his regular start. Wang pitched in relief last night. Didn't do great, but better than he had been.

I have a game to watch. Catch you all later.

Go Yankees

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another day, another Yankee win

Joba got hit by a comebacker in the first, and the 'pen held off the O's and the Yanks rolled to their 9th straight win. Initial reports are that it is a bruise and obviously is day to day. More news will be out tomorrow.

In other injury news, Wang will make one more start in the minors before getting called back to the big club.

Phillies are in town for the Memorial Day weekend as inter league play starts. I wonder how Ryan Howard will like the new Yankee Stadium? Considering that more homers have been hit into the right field stands at the ballpark in the South Bronx than total homers at most other ballparks, it should be an interesting weekend.

Go Yankees

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the Wins Keep Coming

7 in a row for the Pinstripers has brought them within hailing distance of first place in the division.

Bruney is back, and Wang will be back any day. Things are looking good in the South Bronx.

Hughes squares off against Guthrie (Orioles) tonight. Yanks have been scoring since A-Rod is back in the lineup and on the homer a day plan. Meanwhile, CC is looking like the ace pitcher the team has needed for a few years.

Go Yankees

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another walkoff win, another cream pie

AJ Burnett has introduced as new tradition at Yankee Stadium, and it would be great to see it happen another hundred times this year.

As the Yankee who drove in the winning run gets interviewed, AJ comes up and hits him in the face with a cream pie.


Johnny Damon who homered in the bottom of the 10th was the latest "victim."

The third straight come from behind walkoff win, and 5th straight win overall, has thrust the Yanks right in the middle of the race.

And nothing but good news from down on the farm as Wang pitched well at Scranton, going 7 innings and getting mostly ground ball outs (the sinker is working well) and Bruney is on track to be back in a few days, also.

Monday, the Yanks finish up the 4 game series with the Twins as Pettitte takes the mound.

Go Yankees

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