Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's the deal with throwback Jerseys?

Last year this stupid thing started. The Jets were among the many teams that participated and played in the uniforms of the Titans, which was the original AFL team.


The team developed the nickname "Gang Green" and here they are wearing blue and gold. This is at least the second game this year that they have done this. It was interesting last year, and paid tribute to the NFL. Now, it's apparent that they are just looking to move merchandise.

It's stupid and needs to stop now.

The Giants are playing tomorrow night.

In the playoffs, the Rays lit up Beckett, while the Sox chased Kazmir. What was originally thought to be a pitcher's duel turned out to be a 7 HR slugfest with the Rays winning in extra innings.
Meanwhile, the Dodgers limp back to the West Coast down 2 games to 0. During the regular season, the teams split, and each team won all home games. It has continued through the playoffs.

Go Yankees

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