Monday, December 29, 2008

Giants lose last regular season game

Why bother to play the game at all? Giants rested most regulars for at least half the game. And they almost pulled it out. In a way, I was happy, knowing the game meant nothing to the G men and everything to the Vikings so I was glad I got to see the Vikes at their best. If the Giants meet them in the playoffs, I have total confidence that the Giants will crush them.

And speaking of crushing, the Eagles beat the crap out of the Cowboys, and by doing so, knowcked the 'boys out of the playoffs. I liked to see that. But I am worried as the Eagles will be tough in the playoffs, tougher than the 'boys.

The Giants have the bye week, so I can sit and watch to see who they play next. I am pretty confident as they went 12-4, and realistically, should have won 14 games.

Could they win back to back Super Bowls? It's looking good.

Go Yankees

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Teixiera Sign with Yanks

Just as I predicted on December 19th, Mark Teixiera signed with the New York Yankees.

Not one of the "experts" predicted it, and the Yankees denied it all the way. And, while the Yankees are spending like mad, it should be pointed out that every acquisition made sense. In the past, they sometimes grabbed players just to keep them away from another team, or to bolster a strength, but not so this year. They are rebuilding (this hurts) a 3rd place team that needed a major overhaul. They finished 8 games behind, and 3 out of the wild card. The 2008 Yankees were a good team, but they play in the AL East, a division that is loaded with 2 other very good teams, and a couple other decent teams. No punching bags like Seattle or Oakland here.

The Yankee pitching was nearly non-existent, so they added a great pitcher in CC Sabathia, and a good pitcher in AJ Burnett. With Wang returning from injury, they have a "Big 3" as good as any other team. Good enough to make up 8 games? Maybe. But the Rays will be better this year, and so will the Sox.

They were pretty well set at every position, except first base. Looks like that hole has been filled.

The Manny Ramirez rumor is still circulating, and I am pretty sure the Yankees will pass. A couple years ago, when Manny was on top of his game, the Yankees could have had Manny when the Sox put him on waivers, and they didn't claim him. All they had to do was pay him 20 mil per. Why would they sign him now, a few years, and a couple incidents later, for 25 mil or so? It makes no sense. I predict they are going to pass.

And, I've been right so far this off season.

Go Yankees

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Giants Beat Carolina in OT

In an absolute battle against Carolina with home field advantage through the playoffs on the line, the Giants won 34-28 in an overtime battle against the Panthers. The Giants came from behind in the 4th quarter at the Meadowlands, and a wind blown Carolina 50 yard field goal miss sent the game into OT.

Jacobs carried 24 times for 87 yards and 3 TDs. Manning turned in a workmanlike 17-27 for 181 yds and a TD. He also threw for a 2 pt conversion.

The backfield known as Earth, Wind, and Fire was back at full strength, and they pounded the ball as Ward ran for 215 yards and the G-Men totalled 301 on the ground, the most since 1959.

Hixon managed to hold on to 4 passes, and Boss, who is underutilized, caught 5 including one in the end zone for a TD.

Plaxico Burress is still an idiot.

Go Yankees

Dock Ellis Passes away at 63

Former Pirate and Yankees star Pitcher Dock Ellis passed away at age 63. Ellis had battled drugs during his career. He was a very good pitcher with the Bucs, his best year 1970 when he went 19-9 with a 3.05 ERA.

In his only full season with the Bombers, Ellis won 17 while dropping 8 with a respectable 3.19 ERA.
For his career, Ellis went 138-119 with an ERA under 3.50. Certainly not HOF stats, but he was very good. Makes me wonder how he would have done if he dedicated himself to the game.

Go Yankees

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mark Teixeira --where is he going?

Mark Teixeira is not going to the Red Sox according to the rumor mill. The Sox claim they have cut off negotiations. This has me wondering what is going on. Supposedly the Nationals and the Orioles are the front runners, and a "mystery team."
The usual suspects, the Yankees and Angels, have pretty much denied being in the hunt. With Scott Boras as agent, we all know he will go where the money is top, and I just don't see the Nationals or O's being able to pay the big bucks.

Meanwhile, it appears the Yankees are considering adding Manny Ramirez's bat to their potent lineup. Manny is the only player on the Red Sox I didn't hate in all my years of hating Red Sox players. (It officially started in 1961)
Yes, I would like to see that bat in the number 3, 5, or 6 hole, but the man comes with a lot of baggage. I hope Cashman pases on him.
So, where goes Teixeira? The Sox have Youkilis (the pussy) so I can't see them signing another first baseman. The Nationals? I guess they may want to build around him, but he may not want to play for a team that is destined to go nowhere for a few years. That leaves the O's, Angels and the very quiet Yanks.
He could improve the O's, but would they be able to win a division like the AL East? That division is loaded with quality teams. Are they really going to pay such huge money to bring in a player to possibly finish 2nd, but more likely 3rd or 4th? Doesn't make sense to me.
That leaves the Yanks or Angels as the best fit. Neither team "needs" him, but he Yankees propensity for grabbing every player may mean they may just suddenly be in the race. That plus the fact they do now have a regular first baseman, and it makes sense. I won't be surprised to see him in pinstripes.
Lastly, Pettitte is still negotiating. Apparently, he does not want to take the 10 million the Yankees have put on the table. Last year, he made 16 million, and that is too large a drop.
Not for nothing, but Andy, who is one of my all time favorite Yankees, should just take the cash. He is at the end, and did nothing in the second half last year. He did get injured and we don't expect much more thn his 14-14 record and 4.50 ERA. That isn't a 16 million dollar pitcher. I doubt anyone would pay him more than the Yankee offer. Just suck it up, Andy, and try to get by on the 10 mil.

Go Yankees

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yankees rotation falling in place, Hot Stove Report

With the signings of CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett, the Yankee rotation is looking pretty strong. They also lead the league in starting pitchers with initials instead of names.
As of now, the big 3 starters are CC, AJ, and Wang. Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and Ian Kennedy round it out.
Obviously, they won't have a 6 man rotation, so Kennedy, Chamberlain, and Hughes will be up for the last 2 spots. And, according to the rumor mill, Andy Pettitte is still in the running for the #5 spot. While one can never have too much pitching, as proven by last year's injury plagued season, it is almost certain the Yankees will not go north with 7 starters. I'd look for one of 3 things to happen: a trade of Kennedy or Hughes (I'd hate to see Hughes go) or letting Pettitte finish his career eleswhere, or keeping Joba in the pen, setting up Mo until he hangs up his spikes. Mo is 39, so how much longer can he pitch?

In football news, the stupid Giants were outplayed by the 'Boys. That is painful. In their defense, the Giants have 3 starters on offense out, not counting that loser Burress. And Hixon would make a great defensive back, as he can't catch and hold on to the ball. Two weeks in a row he dropped a potential TD pass that hit him in the hands.
This week, we play Carolina. I'm looking for a big Giants win if everyone is healthy.

Go Yankees

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CC Sabathia Signs with Yankees

CC Sabathia reportedly is signing the largest pitching contract in MLB history.

I am pleased to report that Santa Claus isn't the only fat guy coming to NY this December. The contract is for 140 million dollars over 6 years. I had put this forward a few days ago, and the Yankees listened to me and signed him. Finally.

The first piece of the '09 team has fallen into place. We still need at least one more starter to go along with Wang and Hughes.

The other big free agent signing was the Mets and K-Rod. The team has fallen apart the last 2 Septembers, and now it appears they may have the closer they needed.
The Indians signed Kerry Wood, the often injured Cub reliever, which may or may not have been a good deal due to his history.

Go Yankees

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hot Stove Report

Andy Pettitte has talked to Dodgers manager Joe Torre, but early reports are that Andy wants to pitch in the new Yankee Stadium. It appears to be all about the benjamins at this point in time.
CC Sabathia, the Big Kahuna in the frree agent draft, is still kicking around various offers. Rumor has it that the Yankees, Brewers, and believe it or not, the SF Giants, are the main players.

The Giants? Holy cow. They have so many holes to fill, I can't imagine them coming up with the big bucks it will take to land CC. It is believed that the Sox aren't in the running because they generally stay out of the big money market.

Go Yankees

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Giants win; Plaxico Burress a moron

The defending champion Giants looked great against Washington, and improved to 11-1. They used a balanced attack as Manning threw for 300+ yards and a TD as the 'Skins focused on stopping Brandon Jacobs. Eli simply used Boss as an out to slow down the charge, and hit his wideouts regularly. This team just has so many weapons, that even when a selfish moron like Burress is out, they kick butt.

Without going into anthing about the legal ramifications of Plax's actions, as he is innocent until proven guilt, one thing needs to be said concerning him and all professional athletes. We have high expectations for our athletes, some may say they are even too high.

But, what exactly, do we expect?

We expect them to show up and do their best all season long. We expect them to follow a certain code of conduct. Nothing out of the ordinary--pretty much the same rules every other law abiding citizen follows. Ok, maybe a bit more stringent, as it would probably be a good idea for athletes to NOT hang out in nightclubs as they are likely to have problems that come with being well known.

What do they get for this? They are financially rewarded with princely sums of money. And, they are treated like royalty everywhere they go. They are asked to pay a very small price for a huge reward, and dunderheads like Burress and Pacman Jones simply can't get it.

The NFL, all sports, in fact, step up and discipline players from time to time. But players continue to push the envelope. I wish I knew why. It is illogical. It's not like careers, especially in football, last a long time.

Go Yankees

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Giants and Jets win; Super Bowl in future?

The Giants now are tied for the best record in football following their hard fought victory over the Cardinals 37-29. The game was close, and the Giants needed to rely on Manning's arm more than they have recently as he completed 26 of 33 for 240 yds and 3 TDs. The usually powerful rushing game was hampered somewhat by the absence of Brandon Jacobs, coupled with a swarming Cardinals defense.

Meanwhile, the Jets absolutely put the smack down on the previously unbeaten Titans, 34-13. The Titans held everyone to an average under 13 PPG, but Brett Favre and the Jets must have missed that memo as they rolled up over 400 yds and controlled the ball for over 40 minutes.

Go Yankees

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mussina retires; Hall of Fame awaits?

Today, Mike Mussina made it official as he announced his retirement following an 18 year big league career. He spent the last 8 with the Yankees following 10 with the Orioles.
Over that time, he managed to win 270 games. Moose was the model of consistency, as he strung together 17 years of 11 wins or more. In fact, only in his abbreviated first season, where he appeared in only 12 games, did he manage to not hit double digits.
He only won 20 games once, but 11 times he did register 15 or more wins. He even won 19 twice and 18 3 times.
300 has long been considered the magic number for a near automatic pass to Cooperstown, but with the introduction of the 5 man rotation, that number may be tougher to reach. Mussina's most starts in a year was 36. Back in the day of the 4 man rotation, he would have easily had another 4 starts per year. So, with the 70 or so extra starts he would have had over his career, it is reasonable that he could easily have won 300 games, or at least been close enough to consider one more year.
I never thought of Moose as the top pitcher in the league, but he was also one of the best. Is that enough, for the Hall?
I believe it is.

Now, this does affect the Yankees. Mussina was their top pitcher last year, and now they have to replace him immediately. It would be nice to do it from within, but could anyone expect a rookie to step up and put up those kind of numbers?
Joba or Hughes may one day do it, but could they be counted on after coming off injuries? It looks like the Yankees need to sign a free agent pitcher just went up substantially.

Go Yankees

Monday, November 17, 2008

Giants win again 30-10

As a long time Giants fan, I have no real complaints. Big Blue has been to the Super Bowl 4 times, and come home with the trophy 3 of those times, most recently last year. But usually, they were the Rodney Dangerfield team, they got no respect. Sure, the '86 squad was one tough bunch, and were known as the Big Blue Wrecking Crew. The '90 team was almost an afterthought, and considered lucky as Phil Simms missed much of the season and Jeff Hostetler led them to the Super Bowl.
The 2000 edition of the Giants fought their way into the Super Bowl, losing to the heavily favored Ravens. And last year's edition had to be the quietest Super Bowl team ever. They were off the radar, and were underdogs in every single playoff game, beating Brett Favre and the Packers, the sexy favorite Cowboys, and finally, in the Super Bowl, taking down the 18-0 and considered unbeatable, Patriots.
So, coming in to this year, most "experts" predicted the G-men would finish behind the Cowboys, Skins, and possibly the Eagles.
Imagine how happy I am to hear those same "experts" pronounce that the Giants are possibly the best team in football. And, of course, they are living up to the hype. Yesterday was the latest example. The Ravens came into the Meadowlands, and the pre-game made it sound as if it was going to be a fierce battle. The Ravens could not be run against, and had only allowed 1 rushing touchdown all year. In fact, teams averaged 60 yards or so on the ground against them.
I guess they forgot to tell the Giants how awesome the Ravens were, as Brandon Jacobs scored 2 rushing touchdowns in the first quarter, and both he and Jacobs each ran for more than 60 yards. Manning turned in a workman like performance, but the heroes were the defense. Joe Flacco, who had gone 4 games without an interception, was welcomed to the NFL with 2 by Aaron Ross, who returned one 50 yards for a TD to put the game out of reach.

In a strange story in the NFL, the Steelers beat the Chargers 11-10. You may think that seems unusual a score, and you would be right. First time in NFL history such a score was recorded in a game, according to the talking heads. To make it even more unusual, the final play of the game was a razzle dazzle type desperate play by the Chargers, which resulted in Polamolu somehow coming up with the ball, and sprinting in for a TD, making the score a more normal 17-10. However, there was a penalty on the wait, it was an illegal play, penalty declined, and... no wait...a game can't end on a penalty. So, half the team was off the field, half was on the sidelines waiting for it to be sorted out, and eventually, the score was reversed to 11-10, and the game was declared over. I'm sure someone on ESPN will be able to explain, because I still have no idea. It was a crazy ending to a well played defensive battle in snowy weather.
The Skins had a chance to deliver a knock out blow to the Cowvoys season, but didn't. The 'Boys won 14-10.

In baseball news:
Mussina is still trying to decide if he will retire. He will announce it this week. I wonder if he is thinking about 300 wins? He is at 270, which means he is 2 years away, at best. While I personally hate when stars hang on just to hit milestones, Moose is coming off one of his best years ever, and his first 20 win season.
In more hot stove news, according to The Yankees made a record-breaking six-year, $140 million offer to free-agent starter CC Sabathia on Friday as the first part of their plan to overhaul their starting rotation, Hank Steinbrenner, one of the team's co-chairmen, confirmed.
The Yankees also confirmed that they will pursue Burnett and Lowe, and are looking to deal for Peavy with the Padres. If all of this takes place, they will have one of the greatest teams ever assembled. I wouldn't count on them getting everyone, but CC and one other pitcher would make them heavy favorites to win it all.

Go Yankees

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yankees start to rebuild

The Yankees acquired slugging switch hitting first sacker Nick Swisher in exchange for Wilson Betemit and a couple minor league pitchers.

Swisher turns 28 in a few days, so he should just be coming into his prime. While the Yankees have always been known for great centerfielders, first base in Yankee Stadium has been home to such great stars as Gehrig, Mattingly, and Giambi.

Swisher has shown good power, belting over 20 homers, and driving in 80 runs. He also walks 90 times or so. While his average hovers around .240, his OBP is .350 or better. So, he appears to have a decent eye, which makes his 130+ strikeouts interesting. I'm predicting that by working with Yankee coaches, along with the protection of the potent Yankee lineup, he could become more selective. It would not surprise me in the least to see him bump the average up while adding to his HR numbers.
I'm predicting right now that he will put up these numbers:
.280 avg, 30 HR, 95 RBI while dropping his strikeouts total to under 100. Better numbers than these wouldn't surprise me at all.
It is expected that Cashman will pursue some of the free agents who become available today. Early indications are that he will try to sign CC, and Lowe. No word yet on whther Moose or Pettitte will return. But the trade for Swisher pretty much ends the idea of a Texiera signing.

And, in football news--J*E*T*S Jets Jets Jets
The New York Jets, who play in Giants Stadium, in NEW JERSEY, won in OT against the Patriots to take over first place. It was a pretty decent game, as the Jets looked to run away with it in the first half, and held on in the second, eventually winning on a field goal in OT. It was significant for the Jets because it gives them a few advantages in tie breaker situations against the Pats. The Jets schedule looks pretty favorable the rest of the way, and last year's 4-12 team could wind up 12-4, although 11 wins is more probable.
And the other tem that plays in the NJ Meadowlands, the Giants have a big test this weekend as they take on the Ravens. The G-men are favored by 7. If I were a betting man, and if forced to place a bet, I'd put my money on the Ravens and the points. But straight up, I'm looking for the Giants to improve to 10-1.

Go Yankees

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jets and Giants win

The Giants won a battle against the Eagles Sunday night, while the Jets pounded St. Louis. The game was over by half time.

The free agent baseball market will be in full swing soon. Manny Ramirez is one of the stars seeking employment. It's kind of interesting that due to his attitude and the amount of money he is seeking, his options are severly limited.

I really am looking forward to the Yankees movement in the market. They need to retool, and are probably going to seek out some pitching.

Early reports are that Andy Pettitte will be back. I'm not sure about Mussina, but these are both back of the rotation pitchers now. Moose is coming off what was his best year as a Yankee, but this will be his 19th MLB season, and that is a lot of pitches. Andy, too, was always one pitch away from a career ending injury it seemed.
Not sure what is going to happen with Joba and whether Phil Hughes will return from his injury riddled season. Mo had another great year, but he is not getting any younger. Lot of question marks on a staff that had question marks last year.
CC Sabathia and Dempster are 2 big names that may be available. Giambi will be released, and that means Mark Texiera may be pursued. Posada will be back, but who knows what they will get with him. The 2009 team may take a few weeks to introduce themselves to each other.

Go Yankees

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Congratulations Phillies

It was a long season, and the Phillies came out on top. It was the first Series for the franchise since 1980, and only the second in their long history.

It was a well played Series, and while I had no team in this, I enjoyed thoroughly every game. It was well played ball.

The Hot Stove League kicks off today. Should be plenty of big names kicked about in the free agent pool, but the gem may be CC Sabathia.

No one significant is leaving the Rays, so they may be a force to be reckoned with for the next few years. Couple that with the good young pitchers they have to trade, and they may even get stronger next year. The Yankees and Sox need to reload.

Go Yankees

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Giants and Jets win

The Giants battled the Steelers finally picking up a 21-14 win. This was a challenge for the G-men against a premiere team. The Steelers managed to shut down the Giants running game, and the highlight was a late first quarter goal line stand, stopping the G-men who were inside the 1. The Giant D was rocking as they picked off Big Ben 4 times. They also sacked him 4 times.
On the other side of the ball, Manning was 19-32, 199 yds. with a TD and 0 int.

The Jets eeked out a 28-24 win over the Chiefs. Favre continued to throw crazy passes into double coverage, and was picked off 3 times. Bret was 28 for 40 with 290 yards and a pair of TDs, but this was against a team that was a huge underdog.

In baseball news, the Phils won in an unbelievable ninth inning to go up 2 games to 1. I'm hoping to see them win, though I really have no dog in this fight.

Go Yankees

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Giants win; Stupid Red Sox probably will

The Giants took care of the 49'ers today 29-17, in a game that wasn't as close as the final score. The Niners scored once on a blocked punt, so the G-men's offense really held them to only 10 points.
The Jets are playing the Raiders in the late (4:00) game in the NY area.

And the stupid Sox are playing a game 7 against the Rays tonight.

I can't believe it. I know the stupid Sox beat my Yankees by coming back from a 3-0 deficit a few years ago, but that was a Yankees team that had a staff that was out of gas. Last year's Indians (Boston also came back against them) team just didn't have the depth. But the Rays should have won easily once they wee up 3-1.
They are a better team, they have pitchers who are rested, and the staff was set up for the playoffs.

Stupid Sox.


Go Yankees

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's the deal with throwback Jerseys?

Last year this stupid thing started. The Jets were among the many teams that participated and played in the uniforms of the Titans, which was the original AFL team.


The team developed the nickname "Gang Green" and here they are wearing blue and gold. This is at least the second game this year that they have done this. It was interesting last year, and paid tribute to the NFL. Now, it's apparent that they are just looking to move merchandise.

It's stupid and needs to stop now.

The Giants are playing tomorrow night.

In the playoffs, the Rays lit up Beckett, while the Sox chased Kazmir. What was originally thought to be a pitcher's duel turned out to be a 7 HR slugfest with the Rays winning in extra innings.
Meanwhile, the Dodgers limp back to the West Coast down 2 games to 0. During the regular season, the teams split, and each team won all home games. It has continued through the playoffs.

Go Yankees

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Giants Pound the Seahawks

The G-Men came to play today. They still have not allowed a first quarter TD, and the Giant offense is running like a well oiled machine as they put up 44 points against the Seahawks. The defense continues to prove stifling as they held the potent 'Hawks offense to 2 field goals.
The Giants are playing like they are the best team in football, and anyone thinking they just got lucky last year, must be reconsidering that now.
The defending Super Bowl champs are playing like they will do the improbable and repeat.
In the 4th quarter Manning came out of the game to give Carr a few snaps, and Carr drove the team in for a TD.
Manning wound up 19-25 with 267 yds and 2 TDs
Carr 1-1 with 5 yds and a TD
Jacobs rushed for 136 and scored twice
Giants put up at least a TD every quarter.

Looks like Peyton isn't going to be the best QB at the Manning's Thanksgiving dinner table this year

Friday, October 3, 2008

Playoff update

As I sit here and watch the Cubs- Dodgers series, I can only think that Torre and Piniella were both fired from the Yankees.
This confirms what has been said all along by so many--the manager doesn't win or lose the games. No less than the great Earl Weaver admitted that he produced no wins for the O's during his many years as manager.
I remember when Torre first came to the Yankees, he was called Clueless Joe. Then he won 14 straight years including 4 Championships. Suddenly, he became Clueless again?
I contend, and always will until someone can prove otherwise, that if a manager has the horses, he will win. If he doesn't, he won't. I remember the Cubs from a few years ago, maybe the mid 80's. Don Zimmer was the manager, and he did some of the craziest moves, and they worked. Went against the righty lefty thing, and so on. But it seemed whenever he went against the grain, the Cubs came through. And Zimmer was declared a genius. The next year, he did the ame things, and they didn't work, and he was a dope and soon was looking for a job. I'm pulling for the Dodgers just because I'd love to see Joe back in the Series. It will give Hank Steinbrenner (dumb bastage) something to stew about.
In football action, the Giants are back on the field after their bye week. Burress will be sitting as per his suspension as the G-Men take on the Seahawks. The Jets are off, giving Farve a week to rest his ankle.

Go Yankees

Monday, September 29, 2008

J*E*T*S Jets Jets Jets

I'm a total Giants fan, but I have been rooting for the Jets for a few years, too. I mean, if they play each other, it's not even close. My loyalties are with the Big Blue Wrecking Crew.

I just sort of feel sorry for the Jets. They are tenants in Giants Stadium, and they haven't won a Super Bowl since 1969. Haven't even been in one in all that time. They have had a couple good teams in that time, but compared to the Giants who won in '86, '90, and '08...well, you get the point.

Rutgers won on Saturday, which is our local college.

And the Cowboys lost last night, so it's been a good weekend.

Go Yankees

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update Week 3

The Giants moved to 3-0 with an OT victory against the Bengals. Eli Manning drove the team in the final minutes of the second half to force the OT. I was hoping they would make the game less exciting with a blowout, but perhaps the Bengals are a better team than originally thought.

The Jets lost to the Chargers, and the game wasn't close.

But the big shock of the weekend was NE getting absolutely blown away by the lowly fish of Miami.

And that brings up an interesting question: the Yankees missed the playoffs for the first time after 13 straight years, and the Patriots won 21 straight regular season games.
Which is the more impressive record? The Yankees did it while spending more than any other team 11 of those 13 years. It is the second longest such streak, the longest being the Braves which ended last year at 14. The next teams are in the single digits.
The next longest NFL streaks are an 18 game run by the Pats of 2003, and the Dolphins of 16 games in the early 1970's.

What do you think is the greatest streak? I think it may be the Pats because it required perfection. To quote the late Bert Bell, on any given Sunday, any team can beat any other given team.

Go Yankees

Monday, September 15, 2008

G-Men rout the Rams

Ok, it was only the lowly Rams, but damn did the Giants beat the hell out of them. Final score was 41-13. Just seemed like the Giants scored whenever they wanted to do so. Justin Tuck, a defensive lineman, intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown. Great game. Giants move to 2-0, and are looking like world beaters against some really shaky teams. Which is fine. I hate when they lose to bad teams. They are playing like the champions they are.

Meanwhile, the Jets, suffered a tough loss to a Brady-less New England Patriots 19-10, proving that they are a great team. I doubt the Pats will go undefeated in the regular season, but they will be far from the pushovers everyone (at least, me anyway) hoped they would be.

Go Giants

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekly catch up

It is just about over for my Yankees. Even if they run the table, it will take a complete collapse by the Sox and Twins.

Fortunately, both the Giants and the Jets are off to a great start as the G-Men took care of the Redskins on Thursday's opening game, and Brett Favre led Gang Green to a nice win against the Dolphins.

Sunday, look for the Giants to square off against the Cardinals, while the Jets are home against the Tom Brady-less Patriots.

In other sports news, women's hockey teams are preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics and the score of one game was so unbelievable, I had to check other sources.

Slovakia beat destroyed, humiliated, routed, crushed, hell, just pick any one Bulgaria by the score of 31-0. Oh wait, that was only the first period score. The final was 82-0. They scored on average every 44 seconds.

Go Yankees

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Giants vs Redskins tonight

The Super Bowl Champion NY Giants (who play their home games in NJ, BTW) open up tonight against the Washington Redskins.
Can Eli Manning lead the team to back to back Super Bowl wins?
I wouldn't bet on it, but I'll be rooting them all along the way. My prediction is the same as Mike and Mike's on ESPN2. They both say 10-6, and a playoff berth. I'm right with them.

Yankees continue their hot streak, and A-Rod becomes the first player in history to have a home run reviewed by instant replay in a MLB game. The ump got the call right the first time, and Alex touched them all.

Go Yankees

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings

She's been busy warming up for the last month, but then sudenly, things start to look good in the Bronx.
Joba pitched tonight 1.1 innings, and looked good. He wasn't throwing as hard as he did before the injury, but he still brought it at 90 or so. Giese was activated and threw a scoreless 9th to wrap up the game.

We're 7 games behing Boston, so it still looks grim, but as the Rays start to show some cracks, they are still able to be caught. Last year's Rockies proved no team is ever out of it until the fat lady sings.

Go Yankees

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

It's looking bad for my favorite pinstriped team. So, I'm starting to look toward Fall, and my defending champion G-Men.
First thing, the injuries have started. Osi Umenyiora is out for the season. He is scheduled for surgery this week. The talk is Strahan will be offered some big cash to come back, but even if he does, he is so out of condition, he may be an injury waiting to happen. After suffering through the Yankees injury plagued season, are my Giants to suffer the same fate? It will be a long season, then.

Go Yankees

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Big Series --In August?

Hard to believe, but I think this series may be so important. The Jays are on a roll. If they put a hurting on the Yankees, the season will be pretty much over. And, they always play the Yankees tough. Right now, we are 5 games out of the wild card, and 10 out of 1st.
This 3 game series will be followed by 3 against the O's, then a homestand against the Sox and the Jays again. The next 2 weeks will most likely determine whether the Yankees play out the string, or have a shot.
They really need to win 10 of the next 12 to have a good shot. .500 will leave them in a precarious situation. Anything less, and it may be time to stick a fork in them. The 2007 Rockies proved that it's not over 'til it's over, but the Yankees are fighting some great teams for that playoff berth.

Go Yankees

Friday, August 15, 2008

Such a season

The pain continues. Giese is on the DL now.

I'm getting tired of everyone pointing out the Yankees payroll and laughing at their struggles. They have been so destroyed by injuries, it isn't even funny any more.

What team would even be mentioned as having an outside chance after losing their catcher, left fielder, #1 (Wang) and #3 (Hughes) starter, a key reliever expected to join the rotation (Joba) for much of the season, along with their All-Star 3rd baseman missing a month.

Sure, teams get banged up, but this is ridiculous. In essence, 50 % of the staff is down. I'm not talking about sheer numbers, but who they are. Losing an ace starting pitcher like Wang is much more devastating than losing a middle inning reliever.

Matsui All-Star OF, has been out most of the year. He was a consistent 100 RBI guy who never missed a game before this year.

Posada, All-Star catcher, never was on the DL until this year. Talk about key players going down unexpectantly.

And Wang got hurt running the bases. WTH?

This is why I have accepted that this may not be the year. So many freak injuries.

But, I do remember the last time a Yankee team suffered and came up short. 1997. And we all know what happened the next year.

Go Yankees

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stoopid Yankees

I hate to admit defeat, but I think the season may be lost. Time is running out, the injuries just keep piling up, and it's not looking good.

Go Yankees

Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm a guest blogger

If you have a chance, check out Tommy's blog today.

Totally, unrelated:
Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of my favorite Yankee of all-time.

R.I.P. Thurman Munson.

Go Yankees

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yankees Crush the Red Sox

Oh yeah!!!

Big 10-3 win. Pettitte was excellent, (6 IP 3 runs, 1 earned 7 K) and the bullpen finished the job with 3 scoreless innings.
3 Yankee batters were hit, and not one turned into a big crying pussy like Youkilis did last night.

That makes 8 in a row, and leaves the Pinstripers just one game behind the Sox. And they are only 2.5 behind the Rays at this point.

Go Yankees

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kevin Youkilis--super punk

Man up, Kevin Youkilis.

I realize that you are not the best and the brightest, but even a dunderhead like you should recognize that Chamberlain, hell, no pitcher, is going to throw at you in the 7th inning of a 1-0 game.

These games are important as the Yankees are breathing down the Sox necks. Are you so freakin stupid as to think he's going to intentionally put you on base with the game on the line?
Nice strikeout after that, by the way. And could you cry to the first base umpire just a little more?

Yeah, that's what Frank Robinson, Mickey Mantle, HankAaron, and all the great players did if the ball came close. They cried to the umpire at first base.

Good thing you play today. If you played back in the 60's and 70's, Gibson, Drysdale, or any of a number of pitchers would have planted it in your ribs and then dared you to even look at the mound.

You big pussy.

He'd hit his mama if she crowded the plate

Go Yankees

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yankees win on weird play

I just saw one of the craziest endings to a game in a long time.

Mo was on the mound, runner on first in the ninth. Yankees with a one run lead.

Fly out to Abreau. He loses the ball in the sun. Gets a glove on the ball, and drops it. He gets ball, and fires it to second. Overthrows Jeter. A-Rod, backing up the play, gets the ball, and flips to Jeter for the force out.

That's the great thing about baseball. When was the last time anyone ever saw a 9-5-6 force out?

On the next AB, Molina threw out the guy who reached on the FC, so it wound up looking like a normal inning in the record books, but it was rare for those who witnessed it. Almost lost in all that was Pettitte pitched 8 innings of one run 9K ball.

We are breathing down the necks of the Sox.

Go Yankees

Friday, July 18, 2008

Who are the greatest Yankees--continued

The next in my series of the greatest Yankee players I have ever seen is third baseman. It is pretty much a no brainer as A-Rod is generally considered, for the last few years, to be the best player in the game. So, it would be silly to try to build up any suspense. But it would be a failure on my part to not mention some of the great third sackers I have seen in pinstripes. There have been duds like Rich McKinney, Celerino Sanchez, and Gerry Kenney, but the team has also had some superstars. Graig Nettles, who anchored the hot corner for 11 seasons from 1973 until 1983, was easily the equivalent of Brooks Robinson with the glove, and his performance in Series play against the Dodgers was the stuff of highlight films. And he was no slouch with his bat. Stats don't tell the whole story. Yes, he led the league in 76 and was second in 77 in home runs hitting 32 and 37 respectively. Things were different back in the 70's. But he was a streak hitter. While his lifetime average was only .248, and his best year he hit .276, I can remember him going on streaks where he would lead the team with game winning hits for about a 2 week period. He would wear out pitchers, and belt a bunch of homers and drive in runs like crazy. Then he was back to being one of the greatest fielding 3rd baseman in the game. Back in his hayday, many baseball fans would debate whether Graig or Brooks was the better fielder.
But no way A-Rod isn't the greatest. While Nettles was the better fielder, A-Rod is a force with the bat. He's got 2 MVP awards in his last 3 seasons with the Yanks.


Go Yankees

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All-Star Game today

Will the AL go for the 12th straight years without a loss?

You'd think the games would be pretty even, but the AL just seems to spank the NL regularly.

I added a link for Tommy's Blogging Baseball site. Very knowledgeable guy, and a big NL fan. Be sure to check him out.

By the way, a recent post by Tommy was about the All-Star game and the fact that it's minus Ken Griffey. This got me to thinkng about All-Stars from when I was a kid, along with the purpose of the game. Despite all the hype, "Now it counts" or whatever the tag line was, no, the game doesn't matter. Big deal, team gets home field advantage.

Throw all the stats you want at me concerning home field advantage, but realisically I don't think it's that huge a deal.

In fact, I just did an unscientific study. I used simple hashmarks,and to be truthful, I may have mnissed one or two, but, here's what I came up with: Home field advantage is over rated at the post season level. In the last 100 years or so, 36 Series have gone to 7 games. The visiting team won 17 of those series. Not exactly a significant percentage. Even if I missed a couple, it still isn't significant.

So, the game is good marketing, bad information.

Back to Tommy's point: where the hell is Griffey? Mays, Mantle, and every star played well beyond their All Star caliber playing days. So what? They deserved to be at the game. It's an exhibition game. An no one is a better representative of the game than Griffey. He should have been added to the team.


Go Yankees

Monday, July 7, 2008

The latest A-Rod and Madonna news

I remember when ballplayers played ball, and singers sang. I miss those days.

It has been announced that A-Rod's wife (Cynthia or C- Rod?) is asking for a divorce today. Implications are that she has had enough. A-Rod has developed a bit of a reputation as a playa lately, and hanging with Madonna is just, well, weird.

Madonna claims they are just friends and her marriage to Mr. Madonna is just fine.

More rumors: A-Rod is busy sharing Friday night suppers with Madonna as part of Kabala, which is a religious experience. C-Rod is busy hanging out with Lenny Kravitz at his mansion in Paris.

The Yankees, back in the 70's-80's were known as the Bronx Zoo. A-Rod is doing everything to resurrect that moniker.
Hey Alex, how about toning down your crazy personal life and maybe doing something about that 9 game lead the Rays have over the Yankees?

Just sayin'.

Go Yankees

Monday, June 30, 2008

At the half way point

Things have not been going well for the squad. Injuries have just decimated them. At just a bit over .500 and 5.5 games behind the Rays, well, things are not looking great. But the guys still have time. Some of the disabled pitchers should be returning soon.


Injured rookies Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy are also making incremental progress. Kennedy (lat strain) was scheduled to make his second rehab start on Saturday for Class A Tampa, while Hughes (fractured rib) is expected to begin pitching in games in three weeks, putting his timetable for a Major League return in seven to eight weeks.
Additionally, right-hander Chris Britton (pulled rib-cage muscle) was scheduled to pitch in a Minor League game on Tuesday, having thrown two bullpen sessions already. Brian Bruney (right foot) was to throw one more bullpen session on Tuesday before resuming game action. He is expected to rejoin the Yankees' bullpen shortly after the All-Star break.

So, things may be looking up soon. By the way, what is interesting is that in the past, the Yankees have had an old staff, and lots of injuries. This year, they went younger, and the old timers, Pettitte and Moose are relatively injury free. Just when I think I have this figured out, along comes a season like this.

Which reminds me. Tampa Bay has the best record in baseball. This is one of the signs of the Apocolypse.

Go Yankees

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yanks seek vengeance against Pirates

Yup. That is how they have been previewing this series against the Bucs. The Yankees are finally getting a chance to make up for their defeat in the 1960 World Series. They do this all the time. The one bad part of interleague play is the stupid talk as if teams that last played nearly 50 years ago have some sort of connection to the teams that meet today. Doesn't matter than none of the players are still around, and none of the players on the field today were even alive in 1960. Some knucklehead somewhere thinks this is important. For the baseball history buff: Pirates won game 7as light hitting (138 career HR .260 avg. in 17 seasons) Bill Mazeroski hit a walk off home run.


Go Yankees

Friday, June 20, 2008

Switch Pitcher

If he makes it to the majors, his baseball card will be the first ever with this designation. Bats B; Throws B.
Pat Venditte, of the Staten Island Yankees single A affiliate is a switch pitcher. And he throws well with both arms. He uses a custom glove that is ambidextrous.

AP photo

In last night's game, Pat faced a switch hitter, though, who refused to commit. The game was delayed for a while as the pitcher and batter went back and forth, responding to each other. Eventually, the umpires made the batter, Ralph Henriquez, commit. He batted right-handed, and struck out.

If Pat makes it to the majors, it will be an interesting situation, as they will have to make a rule just for him.,0,2025908.story

In other Yankee news, Joba pitched well enough to get the win, giving up just one run on 4 hits. Unfortunately, the Yankees didn't take the lead until after he was removed from the game. Joba looked absolutely dominent when he had to be. Could he step into the role as the Yankees ace? It's too early to tell, but it appears the first member of Generation Trey is ready to come to the forefront.

Go Yankees

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Looking at the disabled list

The team has had so many injuries to the pitching staff, I forgot a bunch of them.

Here's the updated list:
Jonathan Albaladejo
Chris Britton
Brian Bruney
Ian Kennedy
Humberto Sanchez
Phil Hughes
Jeff Karstens
And, believe it or not, one of the worst signings ever, Carl Pavano, is still on the team, and is on the injured list.
Got a couple more, but they weren't even on the 40 man roster.

I don't remember seeing a staff so decimated, long-term, by injuries.

Go Yankees

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wang out until September

This just reminds me of the video boxing game (may have been called Punch Out) where one can hear the announcer say "Body Blow." That's what I feel like with this news. The staff is reeling. The number 3 pitcher, Hughes, has been out most of the year. Number 5 pitcher Kennedy is out. Now number 1 is going down. Things are looking down in the Bronx. How many teams could lose 60% of their starting staff for most of the year, and have a chance?

Looking crosstown, the Mets out-Steinbrennered the Yankees. They did something in a manner even worse than George at his worst. They fired Willie Randolph. Talk about bad timing. They did it after a win, and after the beginning of a road trip. They easily could have done it before the team left for LA. They could have done it before Willie had his post game press conference, and talked of the positive move toward the future as the team won 3 of 4. Totally classless move, Mets.

Hank Steinbrenner, obviously upset that the Mets got the back page of the Daily News, is now carrying on about Wang'sd injury. He is blaming it on the lack of the DH in the NL. Come on, Hank, he was running the bases. When I was younger, even I could run the bases without getting injured.

It was a freak injury. Shut up.

Go Yankees

Monday, June 16, 2008

Some More All-Time Team Members

Today, I wanted to have a look at the men who work around the keystone.

Second Base: The Yankees have never been known for great second basemen.
But that doesn't mean they haven't had some good ones since Poosh 'em Up Tony Lazzeri back in the '20's.
Horace Clarke was a decent player with good speed, and an ok glove. Hoss was good for around 20 doubles, and as many stolen bases along with a .256 average. These numbers are pretty poor by today's standards, but not that bad for the mid-60's. In 1968, Yastremski led the league with a .301 average, so .256 wasn't terrible. The league leader in doubles would hit 35 or so, and 40 HR would be enough to challenge for the HR title. But Horace isn't my guy.
Second is a tough choice because of these two guys, Willie Randolph, and Robinson Cano. It's hard to pick Cano because he only is in his 4th year. But he already has as many HR as Randolph hit in his 18 yr. career. He doesn't have the speed of Willie, who stole over 250 bases in his career. But this is a different Yankee team. This is a team built on power. Cano doesn't get the green light very often. Randolph has 2 rings as a player, again, it is hard to pick Cano over him. With the glove, they are both terrific.
What it comes down to is this: if I were going to start a team today, and had the choice of either player (pretending each was in their playing days, of course,) who would I choose, the man with the solid numbers in the bank, or the relative newbie with the upside?
I'm going with the kid. He has just shown so much in such a short time that I believe in a few short years, he will be considered as possibly the greatest Yankee second baseman of all time.

Shortstop: This is as close to a no-brainer as I can get. Gene Michael, master of the hidden ball trick? He was a really great (and tricky) fielder, but he was a .229 hitter with no power. But I did meet him and get his autograph at a charity basketball game over 30 years ago, so that did help raise him up in my assessment. He was a good guy.
Bucky Dent (Bucky F'ing Dent for my Red Sox readers) was a nice ballplayer who hit one of the biggest homeruns in Yankee history. It was one of the biggest in baseball history for that matter. He was a nice player who came up big in some big situations. He had a decent average in postseason play. He hit .349 in 2 World Series, both of which were won by the Yankees.

But my choice is the human highlight reel, Derek Jeter. The Captain (seems to be a theme) is possibly the greaytest Yankee shortstop of all-time, and he is most likely heading to the Hall of Fame as a first ballot inductee in about 10 years or so. Whether it is Jeter flying in the stands like Superman to snag a fly ball, or making a great play to nab an Oakland runner at the plate, or even belting a home run to win a playoff game, he has been right in the middle of every big event since he came to the team in 1995. It is more than a coincidence that the team has made the playoffs every year since his first full season in 1996.


Go Yankees

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wang injured

During the Yankees big 6th inning rally against Houston, Wang was injured as he ran the bases. Early reports say he has hurt his right foot.

Yankees are blowing out the 'Stros, and Wang was pitching a shutout at the time.

AL Pitchers just aren't use to running the bases.

More to come.

Go Yankees

Tiger Woods charges to lead in US Open

Happy Father's Day to me!

It's a major sports watching day.

Mets game starts at 1:00, Yankees start at 2:00, and Tiger Woods seeks his 14th major at 3:00 at Torrey Pines in California.

I watched Tiger play the back 9 and come charging back, not just to get in contention, but to take the lead. And everyone knows Tiger is nearly unbeatable when he is in the lead going into the final day.

His knee is in bad shape. He grimaced with nearly every hard shot. But again, those back 9. It was described as a lifetime highlight reel for most golfers.
An eagle on the 13th, and another on the 18th put him in the lead. For good measure, he made a miraculous birdie on the 17th. That chip shot in the 17th was so phenomenal. I watched Tiger's face, because he thought he screwed it up, but the ball one-hopped right into the cup. It appeared to hit the stick. Words just can't describe it.


Meanwhile, the Yankees have been playing well. They are finally 3 games over .500, and looking good. Mussina, who was all but written off in spring training is tied for the league lead in victories with 10. This is his 17th straight year with double digit wins. He will most likely make the All-Star team. Don't forget to vote for position players in the online poll, BTW.

Go Yankees

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Greatest Yankees of all-time

With all the current attention being paid to the Yankees as this is the last year at the storied ballpark, I wanted to do my list of all-time Yankees players.

I'll do a couple positions a day for the next few days.

I'm going to limit it to just players I have seen. While I attended my first game in 1961, I really hardly remember anything except seeing Whitey Ford on the mound against the Red Sox, and that Maris or Mantle homered. Yankees won 13-2. But everything else is just a blur.

While, technically, I did see Mantle and some of the players from the glory days of the 1950's play, I hardly could say I have any true memory of them.

So, for all practical purposes, this list would just use players from the mid-1960's up until today. Players I saw and appreciated.

I'll start at catcher. The Yankees have been blessed with several great catchers in their history. Dickey and Berra, are among the best ever, both enshrined in Cooperstown. While Jorge Posada has been one of the best catchers in the AL since he broke in, and he definately fits in among some of the greatest Yankee catchers to ever put on the "Tools of Ignorance," he's not my guy. Add to that the simple fact I'm a huge fan, and he would be a shoe-in. But sorry. My guy is, was, and always will be the Captain, Thurman Munson. His .292 career average and his 113 dingers pale in comparison to Posada, but he was the heart of the Yankees, and led them to 2 World Championships (1977-78,) and an AL Championship (1976.) Munson was great at throwing out would be outbase-stealers. He didn't have the greatest arm, but his release made up for that. During his career, Carlton Fisk (HOF) and he were considered the best at their positions. Thurman deserves to be alongside Fisk in the Hall.
I can remember when rumors circulated that the Yankees were looking to make a trade for Johnny Bench (generally considered to be the best catcher ever.) When reporters asked Thurman what he thought of the deal, he said, "That's great, What position will he be playing?"

Munson was that cocky guy winning teams need.


Next is First Base. This is a little easier to call. For some reason, the Yankees, throughout history, have not been blessed with many great first sackers. Sure, Gehrig handled the job for a while, but through the 50's and 60's and much of the 70's the position had no really great players. Moose Skowron and Danny Cater were nice ballplayers, but no one ever mentions Hall of Fame and their names in the same sentence. Chris Chambliss? Again, a very good player, known for a clutch HR against KC, but just not my all-time guy.

Don Mattingly, aka Donnie Baseball, is my choice. OK, not exactly a stretch.

While his career numbers are respectable, injuries seriously hurt his chance for Cooperstown. Over 400 doubles, coupled with 200+ homers and a .307 average may have put him in the running. But he lost at least 3-4 seasons due to his relatively early retirement (age 34) and who knows how much more he would have accomplished if he hadn't missed at least 30 games in parts of 4 seasons in his prime. Keep in mind that he had some trouble even when he played, due to back problems. We could almost double all those numbers if he remained healthy.
And he was known as a great fielder, saving the infielders many errors over the years.

Two choices, both captains, get the nod.

More to come.


Go Yankees

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Hideki

Hideki Matsui celebrated his birthday in Oakland in a big way. He belted a grand slam to lead Andy Pettitte and the Yankees to victory over the A's.

Finally, the team is starting to get good starting pitching from Pettitte (who went 8 innings for the win) and Wang 2 days ago. They are beginning to look like the team I thought they would be back in spring training.


Go Yankees

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lots of general sports news

To begin with, the Yankees did win last night. Wang did great, and may be back on track.

Cool contest on another blog. Here's the deal.

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Go to John for the chance to win.

Go Yankees

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Me and my big mouth

Just when I said the Yankees look to be starting a streak, they get beat by KC of all teams.

Maybe this will be the one loss in their amazing streak to first place.

Go Yankees

Monday, June 9, 2008

This morning

I was talking with my Red Sox fan friend this morning. He agrees with me, Big Papi may be out a lot longer than expected. Here is where we differ, though. I'm happy about that, he's sad.
It looks like the Yankees are starting to pick up some steam. Joba showed a lot yesterday as he overcame first inning jitters to turn in a decent performance. He threw nearly 80 pitches in 4.1 innings of work, striking out 5. It may not qualify as a quality start in the traditional sense, but I thought it showed the potential is there.
The schedule for the next few weeks doesn't look too tough, so they may be getting ready for a nice run of wins. Interleague play starts next week, with Houston, San Diego, and Pittsburgh due in after a short series with Oakland. This may be a chance to close the gap with the division leading Sox. We could be in 1st (or darn near to it) by July 4th.

Go Yankees

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yankee bats are coming alive

A-Rod, Giambi and Posada all belted homers in yesterday's battle with the Royals. This is the team I expected, one with power, and the ability to put up a lot of runs in a hurry. So, I'm pretty happy about that. The staff is ailing, though. While it may have been Andy Pettitte's worst game in years, if the pen wasn't in such disarray, he would have been gone long before the Guillen grand slam.
Today, Joba takes the hill in his second start. I'm not sure how many pitches he is scheduled to throw, but it is pretty damned stupid to announce it before the game like they did last time.
Melky Cabrera is becoming one of my favorites. He seems to get lost in the shuffle, and yet, his upside is so tremendous. It's hard to believe he is only 23 and this is only his 3rd year as a full time player. His predecessor in center, Bernie Williams, was sent to the minors at age 23.
I know Melky's name was bandied about over the winter in trade talks, but I firmly believe he will be, one day, mentioned in the same way other great former Yankee players are-- joining Mickey, Joe D., Bernie, and Bobby Murcer as legendary players who have patrolled centerfield in the Bronx.


Go Yankees

Saturday, June 7, 2008

This staff is more than just Joba

Darrell Rasner is the hard luck pitcher of the team. No doubt about it. His record is 3-3, and it should stand at 5-1, with 6-0 being a distinct possibility. His ERA is a sparkling 2.58, and he has made 5 quality starts. And, no, not the MLB standard for quality starts, but ones by any standard used. Yesterday, he went 8 innings and only allowed 2 runs. That should have registered a "W" but it was not to be.

By the way, Moose has quietly tied for the lead in AL wins with 9. His ERA is a respectable 4.01 and dropping.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the team right itself shortly and go on a run of historic proportions. Maybe reel off 25 of 27 or something like that.

Go Yankees

Friday, June 6, 2008

Some baseball stupidity

Yesterday afternoon, Giambi hit a pinch hit 3 run HR in the bottom of the 9th to win the game. According to Mike and Mike this morning, this was the first time in Yankees history someone hit a 3 run pinch hit home run to win a game that the Yankees were trailing by 2 in the ninth with no one on and 2 outs.

Just when I thought every entirely useless bit of information had been disseminated, along comes this.

In other news, MLB ceremoniously drafted players from the Negro Leagues before yesterday's regular draft.

So, basically, they decided to honor the men who they previously considered unfit to share the field with white players. I don't know, it seems kind of dumb to me. If it makes the men feel better, then I'm glad for them. If it were me, I'd just be more pissed off.

The Yankees drafted infielder Emilio "Millito" Navarro, who played for the Cuban Stars. He is 102 years old, and is believed to be the oldest living professional baseball player. If he was a pitcher, they could use him in the pen in the 8th inning.

Go Yankees

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jeter passes Mantle

and moves into 3rd place on the Yankees all-time hit total. His hit, number 2,416 for his career put him in 3rd place all-time among Yankees. The Captain now trails only Lou Gehrig (2,721) and Babe Ruth (2,518.)

We can expect Jeter to pass the Babe in a couple of months, and the Iron Horse around the middle of next year. Jeter turns 34 this month, so we can reasonably expect him to play another 4 or 5 years. Lost in the accolades of joining the ranks of all-time Yankee greats, is that Jeter is very close to cracking the list of all-time MLB hitters.

He is just a dozen hits away from being #100. And once he makes that list, he should move up quickly. It is reasonable to assume he will get another 100 hits this year. This should put him into the low 80's, and possibly even into the 70's.

If Jeter can play until age 40, and keep knocking out 150 hits per year, he will easily move into the rarified air of 3000 hits, and, into the top 20 of all-time batters. Considering that a typical year for him is closer to 200 hits per year, he could move into the 3000 club much sooner.

And everyone thought A-Rod was the only first ballot Hall of Famer on this squad.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Generation Trey success story gets start

Joba Chamberlain, the only member of Generation Trey who hasn't stunk up Yankee Stadium gets a start tonight. It looks like he is being rushed a bit because, to be truthful, the starting staff has been terrible.

A quality start is one in which the starter goes 6 innings (or more) and holds the other team to 3 runs or fewer. The theory is that such a performance gives one's team a chance to win.
And, the Yankee starters have been sorely lacking lately. Moving Joba to the starting rotation brings up many questions. First, who will take over his role bridging to Rivera? It was hoped Farnsworth could do it, but based upon last night's outing, I'm not too sure.

It's hard to place the blame on anyone for last night's game. Certainly, any time a team puts up 5 runs, it's hard to not fault the pitching, but holy crap--25 men left on base? (10 for the team--still pretty bad) That's unbelievable. Cano continues to struggle. I'm no expert, but could he maybe take a pitch every so often? How could that hurt? Two days ago, in 4 at bats, he saw a total of 6 pitches. The Yankee teams of the late 90's that were so successful used to go deep into a count. This group acts as if they have a bus to catch.

Joba takes the hill tonight against one of the best in baseball, Roy Halladay of the Jays. (7:05 YES)

I'm hoping for a good start to what will be the next part of Joba's career.
I'm very concerned that they will weaken what had been their biggest strength--the Bridge to Mo.

Good luck, Joba. You'll need it.


Go Yankees

Monday, June 2, 2008

Quick post

Yankees at Twins tonight.
Pettitte starts. Tomorrow, Joba gets his first start.

Be back in the morning.

Go Yankees

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yankees win in extra innings

It took 12 innings for the Yankees to finally put away the Twins 7-6 in what turned out to be a very unusual game. It was the first extra inning win of the year, and their 3rd straight win.
Wang started and had trouble early on getting his sinker over for strikes. It was consistently low and outside. Wang usually goes deep into a game because he doesn't waste a lot of pitches, but that wasn't the case yesterday as he threw 92 in a little over 5 innings of work.
Since his 6-0 start, Wang has been struggling, and yesterday was no exception as he fell behind early. He lef in the 6th, clinging to a 6-5 lead. The normally perfect Ramirez gave up his first run of the season (a solo shot by Cuddyer in the 7th) and blew the save.

The rest of the pen held the Twins in check, and Mo nailed down the save (his 15th) in the 12th. Ohlendorf pitched 2 scoreless innings to pick up the win.

The Yankees scored in the top of the 12th as Damon, Jeter, and then Abreu singled to drive in the winning run.

Today Rasner (3-1 1.80) takes the mound at 2:10 (YES)

Rasner has been the most consistent Yankee starter, and with a little support, he would have been 4-0.

In the injury report, Posada has been throwing in Florida, and could rejoin the team and be behind the dish by Thursday.

In other news, Joba is scheduled to make his first MLB start on Tuesday against the always tough Blue Jays.

The Yanks wll be calling up another pitcher to take Joba's place in the pen, but that announcement hasn't come yet.


Go Yankees

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Was Ready to Give Up

Baseball nicknames have pretty much been lame for the last few years. Sure the Yankees have Joba and A-Rod (A-Rod isn't really that good, it's just short for Alex Rodriguez) and, of course, Moose, short for Mussina.

Look back to the 50's and 60's when the lineup included Moose (had nothing to do with his last name) Yogi (where did that come from?) Scooter, Joltin' Joe, Old Reliable, Whitey, and The Mick. They were managed by Casey. Even the 70's had Goose, Sparky, and Catfish.

What happened?

Sure, today, there are still some good nicknames. The Twins starting pitcher is Boof Bonser. What a great baseball name. You have your Big Papi, and a few Coco's, but not a whole lot of great names.

But compare that to some of the names from the past. Names so well-known, that most fans couldn't give the players real name.
Try these on for size
Satchel Paige
Babe Ruth
Vinegar Bend Mizell
Honus Wagner
Boog Powell
Oil Can Boyd
Casey Stengel

How many can you give the real first name without using Google?

Go Yankees

Yankees make it 2 in a row

Mussina got off to a rocky start last night, getting tagged for 4 runs in the 1st (2 earned) but then he settled down, and shut down the Twins until he left after the 6th, and managed to pick up his 8th win against only 4 losses. It was the second win in a row for the Bombers, got them out of the cellar, evened their record, and with Wang pitching today, may have set them in the right direction to finally get and stay on the positive side of .500.
Thed Yankee bats were booming last night,with 16 hits including 2 triples by Abreu, to go along with 2 A-Rod doubles. Matsui continued his assualt on the AL batting title with 3 hits in 4 at bats. In fact, the 2, 3, and 4 batter in the lineup each had 3 hits. You know it's a good night when even Molina had a multi-hit game. Cabrera also had 3 hits in 4 trips to the dish.

Timely hitting (rather, the lack of it) did plague the team as they left 21 men on base, and Giambi was responsible for 7 of those. But, it was some lucky breaks for the Twins as much as anything that kept the score to a respectable 6-5. Giambi was robbed of a solid single up the middle when the Twins pitcher (hey, who knows any names?) surprised himself and caught the hot shot. Later, A-Rod was doubled up when he tried to steal third, and Matsui hit the ball, producing a double play. Sometimes, stuff happens.

Today, Wang takes the mound in search of win 7 at 7:05 (YES.)


Go Yankees

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yankees lose a tough one

Back when he managed the Mets, the Ol' Perfessor, Casey Stengal, once asked, "Can anyone here play this game?"

That keeps turning over and over in my mind following some of the recent debacles in Baltimore. Monday, the team couldn't buy a hit, it seemed, and last night, they couldn't get anyone out. Twice, the pitching staff blew 4 run leads.

And, in extra innings, Hawkins blew a save.

The Yankee hitters exploded for 15 hits an 9 runs, including HRs by Giambi, Abreu, Rodriguez, and Damon. But it wasn't enough as Ian Kennedy gave up 4 runs (3 earned) in his 3 innings of work. He suffered an injury (surprise, another Yankee on the DL) and Ohlendorf came in. He was even worse than Kennedy, and that's saying a lot. Ohlendorf was rocked for 3 homers in the bottom of the 5th. He managed to turn an 8-4 Yankee lead into a tie in his 2.1 innings. That was all the scoring until the 11th when the Yankees took the lead in the top of the inning, only to have Hawkins come in and get tagged for 2 runs to lose the game.

Some highlights:

Damon continued his hot hitting with 4 hits in 5 trips to the plate, including 2 doubles and a HR. Giambi belted a HR to go with a double, as his average creeps towards respectability. In fact every Yankee starting player had a hit (except, as usual, Molina)

Today, Pettitte starts, and Joba is expected to get some work as he continues getting ready for his starting role. (7:05 YES)

Go Yankees

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yankees streak stopped at 5

The Yankees were sad to see Seattle leave town. Yesterday, they had to play the Orioles at Camden Yard, and it wasn't pretty.
Rasner pitched great, allowing only 1 run in six strong innings, but the pen got blasted as Hawkins and Veras got hit hard, giving up 5 runs in the final 2 innings.

The Birds pitching was terrific, holding the pinstripers to just 5 hits, including 3 by Matsui. Not much to say about the game other than it was a nail biter until the 7th.

Today, Kennedy will try to repeat his good performance of last week as the Yankees take the field at Camden Yard (at 7:05) on YES.

Posada started his rehab assignment as he caught 5 innings in Florida. He threw back to the pitcher, but won't try throwing to bases for another week or so.

Have faith, Yankee fans, help is on the way.

Go Yankees

Monday, May 26, 2008

5th in a row for the Yankees

This afternoon, the Yankees continued their fine play of recent days as they won their 5th in a row to move to .500, and get out of the AL East basement.

Best of all, they did it by coming back against the Mariners with a 4 run 8th inning, capped by Molina's RBI double. The team only managed to collect 8 hits, but half were doubles. The Yankees also were aggressive on the basepaths, stealing 2 bags off Mariners starter Washburn, who had not allowed a stolen base in over 100 innings.

It seems like they have been playing with a fire since A-Rod is back. The Yanks are done with the Ms this year, winning all 6 games.

Wang struggled with his control, and didn't figure in the decision. He was tagged with all 5 runs in his 6.1 innings of work.

Ramirez picked up the win with 1.2 innings of shutout relief, and Mo racked up save 12 with a 2 strikeout ninth.

Today, Rasner starts against the Orioles 1:35 on YES.


Go Yankees

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yankees Make it 4 straight

Mike Mussina pitched well enough to notch his 7th victory yesterday as he hung on for 5 innings while giving up 4 runs. It wasn't exactly a quality start, but it was good enough as the Yankees continued their assault on Mariners pitching with a 16 hit, 12 run blowout. The final score was 12-6, but it wasn't even that close. The bullpen did well, allowing only 2 runs in 4 innings of work (Farnsworh gave up a 2-run HR in the 8th.) Joba Chamberlain continued his program to get in shape for the starting rotation by tossing 40 pitches in his 2 shoutout innings.

Giambi continued his hot hitting by belting a big HR in addition to a double and a single as he has raised his average 50 points or so since A-Rods return. Cano also had a multi-hit game, going 4-4 including 3 doubles.

The only starter without a hit, for the second game in a row, was Jeter. His average has dipped into the .280's. Even Molina got a hit, so it looks like it's time for the Captain to man up and put on the thong.

The only thing that bothered me about all this is the pitching coach for the Mariners was one of my favorite Yankees when I was a kid. Mel Stottlemyre was a really good pitcher with some of the worst Yankee teams of all-time. During the mid-late 60's, he won 20 games 3 times, and his ERA was around a half-run per game under the league average. I hate to see him look bad. I hope after the Yankees drub the Mariners today, the M pitchers toss a few shutouts to make Mel happy.

Today, Wang is on the hill, going for his 7th win (1:05 on TBS and YES.)


The Giambino is on a hot streak

Go Yankees

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yankees unload on Seattle to win 3rd straight

I predicted yesterday that it was going to be a low scoring game, and Pettitte did his part, holding the Mariners to just 2 runs in 6 innings while striking out a season high 9 batters. The bullpen continued to do a fine job, shutting out the Ms the rest of the way.

The explosive Yankees offense did just that, putting up a baker's dozen 13 runs
based on 13 hits, including a couple doubles, and my personal favorite weapon--the 3- run homer. Shelley Duncan provided all the offense Pettitte and the Yankees would need with his big fly in the second. The team put the game away in the 5th with 8 runs to chase Bedard.

This is my type of game. While I enjoy a tight 2-1 game as much as any purist, my favorite game is as described by the late Jacob Ruppert; the Yankees score 10 runs in the first and then slowly pull away.

Every starter reached base, and every one except Jeter reached via a base knock.

And the good Yankee news keeps on coming. Giambi, of the traveling gold lame thong, continues his hot hitting with a single, double and a pair of walks to raise his average to .217. Cano continues his rise to respectability with another pair of hits and 3 RBI. Just a few days ago, half the team was below the Mendoza Line, but as of today, they are starting to show the signs that they are one of the powerhouses in the AL.

Mussina starts today at 1:05 on YES. Moose will be going for his team high 7th win.

In other news, Posada is due back in 3 weeks or so. And Bobby Murcer's autobiography, Yankee for Life, is out. Old time fans remember the day he was traded for Barry Bonds with sadness. He came back after a few years, and has been a member of the family ever since.


Go Yankees

Friday, May 23, 2008

Yankees win again, two in a row

Generation Trey finally came through with a start good enough for a victory.
Ian Kennedy pitched his best game as a Yankee, and while it was good enough for the win, the offense was so lame, he came away with just the satisfaction that he can pitch on a major league level. Kennedy turned in 6 strong innings, scattering 4 hits and allowing one run. The pen held the O's at bay, until Cano knocked in Matsui in the bottom of the ninth with a 2-out single.

Tonight, Pettitte is handed the ball against the Mariners. (7:05 on My 9)

The Yankees face the always tough Bedard, so look for a low scoring game.


Go Yankees

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crowley is lucky to have a f&%$#@* job, Yankees win

I was watching the game tonight on YES, and the announcers started talking about the hitting instructor for the O's, former major leaguer Terry Crowley. Just some filler, nothing important. In the background, clear as can be, someone in the booth said "Crowley is lucky to have a f'ing job." Only he didn't say f'ing. He dropped the "F" bomb over the air. Someone has to learn that mics are pretty sensitive today.

As for the game, both the offense and the defense showed up on the same night. Rasner (4-0) pitched very well, tossing 7 innings of shutout ball with 6 strikeouts. Joba closed it out with 2 shutout innings and another 3 Ks.

On to the offense. A-Rod is back, and he is leading the Yankees as only he can. He hit another homer tonight, and a bad call by the umpires cost him a second one. When the umps blew the call against the Mets robbing Delgado of a HR, at least it was close. This was in the stands, as it hit the steps, and bounced out. To his credit, Alex took it in stride. He led the hitting attack with a pair of doubles (one should have been a HR) and a homer. The team totalled 13 hits and 5 walks, and pushed across 8 runs.

Oh yeah!!!

In Joba news, he pitched 2 innings tonight, and according to Girardi, this is part of the process of turning him into a starter.

Tomorrow, Kennedy (oy vey) pitches the rubber game against the O's (7:05 on YES.)


Go Yankees

Yankees lose, Jeter hurt

Just when it looked like the Yankees offense would be getting back on track with the return of A-Rod, the defense fell apart. Jeter's 2 out first inning error opened up the floodgates as the Birds pushed across 7 runs (6 unearned) in the inning. Mussina only recorded those 2 outs for his shortest outing since 1995. The bullpen allowed another 5 runs over the course of the game, resulting in a 12-2 drubbing. To make matters worse, Jeter was hit by a pitch on the hand, and left the game.

It's hard to find any bright spots in the game. But all is not lost. (I'm such a fan)

X-rays showed no breakage, so Jeter is day to day. A-Rod went 1-3 with a homerun. Abreu had a couple hits, and Giambi, of the gold lame thong, got two hits to raise his average above .200.

Rasner takes the mound today at 7:05 (on YES) as he tries to stop the bleeding.

Time to cleanse all bad thoughts Photobucket and get ready to enjoy today's game. This is the start of a big streak. I have that feeling.

And, as for yesterday, here is a reasonable facsimile of the Joe Pepitone memorabilia at the Yesterday's Heroes Ballpark Cafe in Cape May. I couldn't find the exact picture, but you get the idea.


Go Yankees

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A-Rod is back

A-Rod rejoins the Yankees today against Baltimore, and not a moment too soon.
When Moose takes the mound at 7:05 tonight (on YES) at the Cathedral, he'll be able to see Alex at 3rd, rather than whoever is wearing Giambi's gold lame thong.

A-Rod just makes the entire lineup better. Look for them to start putting up some runs. I'm looking for the whole team to be up, and knowing Jorge Posada is on the way only makes the future brighter.

I have my A-Rod jersey on, sitting here at 9:30 a.m. and I can't wait for the first pitch. Rain is a possibility, but I'm pretty sure they'll get the game in.

Just because I was thinking about vacations on my other blog, (Joy of Toast) I thought I'd do a tie in. At Yesterday's Heroes Ballpark Cafe in Cape May, NJ, my favorite piece of a former Yankee player's memorabilia is on display. It belonged to Joe Pepitone. Any idea what it is? Check back tomorrow, I'll try to find a picture of this unique, one of a kind, bit of Yankees nostalgia.

Oh and congrats to Lester of the hated Red Sox for pitching a no hitter. He was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma around 2 years ago,and he has come back, not just to play, but to excel.

Stupid Red Sox. Photobucket

Alex gives a final test for his quad. He's feeling good.

Go Yankees

Monday, May 19, 2008

No Joy in Mudville

Rather than discuss the embarassment of the 2 games against the Mets (yesterday it was 11-2, as the mighty Yankee offense mustered 3 hits in a blowout) I'd rather focus on the positive. A-Rod will be back tomorrow against the Orioles.
But the big news is that Giambi will be getting out of his slump any day now.

How do I know this? Simple. Whilemostsluggers take extra BP, or even skip it to get back in the groove, Giambi does something, well, different.

According to Friday's Daily News:

Yankee slugger Jason Giambi wears a gold lamé, tiger-stripe thong under his uniform when he wants to break out of a slump - and he shares it with hitless teammates who want to get back on track.

"I only put it on when I'm desperate to get out of a big slump," he tells

Over the years, the 37-year-old All-Star has left the "golden thong" in the lockers of slumping teammates Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Johnny Damon, Robin Ventura and Robinson Cano.

"All of them wore it and got hits," he reports. "The thong works every time."

Yankees have the day off. I'll be back tomorrow. I'll spend the rest of the day wirebrushing and then bleaching my brain.

Go Yankees

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh, the pain--Mets win

Andy Pettitte just pitched one bad inning, and that was enough to tag him with his 5th loss of the season. His overall line was pretty good, 3 runs in 6 innings of work, along with 7 strikeouts, including 5 in the first 2 innings.

But, oh, that 4th inning. Andy tossed 41 pitches, and even walked in a run with the bases loaded, on the 7th pitch of the at bat. It was followed by a booming 40 foot blast to left. OK, it resembled more closely a swinging bunt, but it got the runner in.

Pettitte held the Mets scoreless for the next 2 innings, but then Farnsworth got rocked in the 7th. He gave up back to back HRs that put the game away. Joba got tagged in the 9th for one more run, but with the prospect of Wagner coming in to close the game, it didn't matter.

It's hard to find a turning point in the game, other than the 4th inning, but it seems like the momentum shifted in the 3rd. Damon was thrown out at the plate on an Abreu double. It was a close play as the Mets catcher did a great job of blocking the dish. Replays showed the ump got it right, too. Photobucket I hate when that happens.

The offense did show some signs of life against a very good pitcher, with a couple doubles, and 3 HRs.

Tonight, Giradi hands the ball to his stopper, Wang (6-1) on ESPN @ 8:05.

In A-Rod Watch news, he made a rehab start yesterday, and it was all good news. He played 5 innings in the field and did well. At the plate he managed a HR in 4 plate appearances against a Rays pitcher, David Price, who was throwing in the 95-97 MPH range. Price is also rehabbing, and is considered one of the top minor league prospects for the pitching rich Rays. That's as hard to type as division leading Rays.


See you Tuesday

Go Yankees

Saturday, May 17, 2008

So, what's going on with the Yankees?

Yesterday was rained out, so Rasner will miss his start as Pettitte takes the hill today against the rival Mets (1:05 on YES.) Amongst the fans this rivalry nearly equals that of Yankees-Red Sox. Pettitte was given the nod because he has always been a big game pitcher.

As much as I respect Andy, I think Giradi is making a mistake. He already pushed Rasner back to start the Mets series, and now he's pushing him back again. It's not just an issue of fairness, it's an issue of long term effect for the Yankees. While Pettitte, Wang, and Mussina have been doing well, the Yankees need 2 more dependable starters, and Rasner has done well in his 2 starts. I know the long term plans are for him to be a long reliever/spot starter but the rest of the staff is breaking down. He has earned the respect of a regular spot in the rotation. I don't know if he'll be there when Hughes comes back, but until he loses the job, it should be his.

At the quarter season mark, how does this team look? It's hard to give an accurate assesment. They are in last, but only 5 games off the pace. At only two (2) games under .500, they are not terrible. They have been wracked by injuries to key players. It's hard to score when 2 of the biggest bats are out, especially when their replacements are awful. The team struggles continue as half of the team is at or below .200.

But fans always look for the bright side, the light at the end of the tunnel. I've found the light. A-Rod is due back Tuesday, and Posada is starting to throw, so he is not far behind. Getting those big bats back in the lineup makes everyone better. Cano is showing some signs of life at the plate. The big 3 pitchers have delivered thus far. The pen has been strong, and Girardi seems to be using them well. Farnsworth is pitching like he should, and Joba and Mo are nearly lights out every time, while Hawkins and the rest are getting the job done consistently.

Lastly, quite a few teams in other divisions are having problems, so the all important wild card slot may be wide open.

I have hope they will get through this once the team is back at full strength, the Yankees will be back and challenge for the AL East title.

Go Yankees

Friday, May 16, 2008

Subway Series starts tonight

While it may get rained out, the two struggling teams from NY are scheduled to battle it out at 7:05 at the Cathedral on TV 9 in NYC. Santana faces Rasner as both squads look to get back on the winning track after both suffered humiliating 3 of 4 series losses to teams they should have spanked.
I suppose I should mention yesterday's game. Ian Kennedy took the ball against Scott Kazmir. Ok, one of the worst Yankees pitchers, against one of the best in the AL. Yankees hitters mired in an awful slump. As predicted before the game, the Yankees were going to get smoked, and they did. Kennedy left early enough that the Rays were held to only 5 runs, but the Yankee hitters continued to struggle at the plate, amassing 7 singles as the power outage continues. Half of the Yankee starting team had averages near or below .200.
The current Rays staff and team has reminded me of one of the most famous squads in MLB history--The Baby Birds. These were the young Baltimore Orioles of the early-mid 1960's that eventually became one of the best teams in the AL, dominating the league for many years. They featured good young pitchers, and decent hitting. This Rays team is showing that kind of potential.


Go Yankees

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yankees Win, finally (Caution Red Sox Photo included)

It wasn't pretty, but I'll take it. 2-1 against the division leading (I'll never get used to saying that) Rays wasn't exactly a huge victory, but it's a start. Mussina was great as he picked up his 6th win as he pitched 6.1 innings of one run ball. The bullpen then nailed the door shut. Joba struck out 3 in his one inning of work, and Mo picked up his 11th save.

The offense, as has become their habit lately, was awful.
5 singles (4 by Cano who finally got his average over .200) along with a couple doubles (Matsui, Abreu) really is sad.

Tonight, Ian Kennedy takes the ball against Kazmir at 4:10 at Trop Field. Only good thing I can find about this is at least the game will be over early.

Looking around the league, Manny (the only Red Sox player, ever that I don't hate--yeah, sure, Sean Casey I like, but he's only a Sox temporarily. Plus he's a Jersey guy) Ramirez made a play for the ages last night. It is protected by MLB copyright, so I can't put it here, but I'm sure it is available at or the It can still be found on some video (Google Manny Ramirez catch) but it's being removed almost as quickly as it is posted.

It has been on ESPN all morning. Basically, Manny made a running catch, and to stop, he had to take a step up the wall at Camden Yards. He then high 5'd a fan, came down, and doubled the runner off first.

Here's an AP still as he hi-5's the fan.


Go Yankees

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Mendoza Line

I promised to relate what exactly the Mendoza line is. You could look it up on Wikipedia, but everyone knows how accurate that is.

Here's the story: Mario Mendoza was a slick fielding, light hitting SS/IF who played in the mid-70's to the early 1980's. His career BA was .215.
Back in that time period, newspapers would print a top 10 batting list nearly every day, but the Sunday newspaper used to print an extended list of MLB averages. Every batter with the minimum qualifying average would be listed, in order of his average. Usually, Mendoza would be at or near the bottom of the list. Future HOF'er George Brett was struggling early one season, and he stated, according to various baseball sources, "The first thing I look for in the Sunday papers is who is below the Mendoza line." Some have attributed it to Tom Paciorek and/or Bruce Bochte, but considering Brett's place in baseball history, he gets all the credit. It is almost like Yogi Berra, who is often credited for things just because of who he is. That quote took on a life of its own, and it became a standard joke for anyone struggling in almost any situation. And in baseball, it is generally recognized that anyone below .200 is below the Mendoza line.


"I didn't really say everything I said."

Go Yankees

Yankees lose' offense pathetic

The Yankees wasted another great effort by Wang last night as the pathetic offense totalled 4 singles, a triple (of course, they failed to drive in Jeter from 3rd with 1-out) and a solo HR in the 9th that only prolonged the inevitable. Total for the game was 4 singles, a triple, and a solo HR. That's a good inning, but anemic for an extra inning game. Mo got tagged for the loss as he gave up a single, stolen base, and another single in his second inning of relief.

I am losing faith rapidly.

4 Yankees are at or below .200, and it's getting tough to watch. I had written a long explanation about the Mendoza line (which is where nearly half the team is at) and unfoirtunately it was eaten by the cyberspace monster (bastage.)
I'll have to explain that reference in a later post.

Anyway, Moose tries to halt the slide tonight, but unless he can teach Cano, Giambi, Duncan and Molina (he just looks confused swinging the bat) the strike zone, I'm not feeling really confident against the division leading (what? I swear I'm not making that up) Rays.


Go Yankees

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