Friday, January 9, 2009

Adam "Pacman" Jones is a putz

So, Adam Jones got cut by the Cowboys and another talented guy throws it all away. One of his quotes after being cut, according to ESPN, was "I love me some me."
Apparently, this expression was made popular by Terrill Owens (also a member of the 'Boys.)

I understand it is ok to be comfortable with oneself, and even to love oneself, but does this say something about a man who, due to his own selfish and stupid actions, has let down his team mates, his family, and anyone who ever believed in him? It certainly does scream of an ego that is hyperinflated. The ego of a putz. The ego of a guy on a team NOT in the playoffs.

Meanwhile back to important stuff.

The Giants are playing the Eagles on Sunday in what will be a "Battle Royale." This may be the best game of the entire season, better than the Super Bowl may be. As a G Men fan, naturally, they are the pick.

But looking at it critically, the Giants do seem to be the team to beat. They have Earth, Wind, and Fire at full strength. The Iggles have a couple of nagging injuries. The week off has been of tremendous benefit to my team.

The Giants should win this one 27-17, easily covering the spread (currently 4 pts)

Go Yankees

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