Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quiet week

Not much happening in Yankee stuff for the last few weeks, and with the Giants having a bye week, it has been slow here at Yankee Fan Central.

I'm not a huge college football fan, with little more than a passing interest in the major bowl games. Didn't watch the playoffs, and the only game I really care about is the Eagles against the Vikings. I believe the Eagles are the only team that can keep the Giants out of the Super Bowl. The Giants can take the Cardinals, the Panthers, and the Vikings. Sure, they can beat the Eagles, but who wants to face a red hot team like them? And, if they take out the Vikes, the Eagles would have to be considered among the elite. They worry me.

Go Yankees

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Sports Event of the Year

What was the biggest event of 2008?

There were 3 huge sports stories: The Phillies WS win, the Giants Super Bowl win, or the Patriots undefeated regular season.

I would eliminate the Patriots for 2 reasons: 1. I hate Boston and 2. They lost the biggest game of the season.

So, it's between the Giants winning the Super Bowl or the Phillies winning the World Series. To me, of course, the Super Bowl winning effort by the Giants is my favorite as I'm a huge fan. But realistically, the World Series win by the Phils is probably a bigger, and more improbable, event. The Phils had to come from behind to catch the Mets, beat a tough Brewers team led by CC Sabathia, and then beat a red hot L.A. team, before finally knocking off the upstart Rays.

I'd have to give it to them as the team of the year.

Go Yankees

Monday, December 29, 2008

Giants lose last regular season game

Why bother to play the game at all? Giants rested most regulars for at least half the game. And they almost pulled it out. In a way, I was happy, knowing the game meant nothing to the G men and everything to the Vikings so I was glad I got to see the Vikes at their best. If the Giants meet them in the playoffs, I have total confidence that the Giants will crush them.

And speaking of crushing, the Eagles beat the crap out of the Cowboys, and by doing so, knowcked the 'boys out of the playoffs. I liked to see that. But I am worried as the Eagles will be tough in the playoffs, tougher than the 'boys.

The Giants have the bye week, so I can sit and watch to see who they play next. I am pretty confident as they went 12-4, and realistically, should have won 14 games.

Could they win back to back Super Bowls? It's looking good.

Go Yankees

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