Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hot Stove Report

Andy Pettitte has talked to Dodgers manager Joe Torre, but early reports are that Andy wants to pitch in the new Yankee Stadium. It appears to be all about the benjamins at this point in time.
CC Sabathia, the Big Kahuna in the frree agent draft, is still kicking around various offers. Rumor has it that the Yankees, Brewers, and believe it or not, the SF Giants, are the main players.

The Giants? Holy cow. They have so many holes to fill, I can't imagine them coming up with the big bucks it will take to land CC. It is believed that the Sox aren't in the running because they generally stay out of the big money market.

Go Yankees

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Giants win; Plaxico Burress a moron

The defending champion Giants looked great against Washington, and improved to 11-1. They used a balanced attack as Manning threw for 300+ yards and a TD as the 'Skins focused on stopping Brandon Jacobs. Eli simply used Boss as an out to slow down the charge, and hit his wideouts regularly. This team just has so many weapons, that even when a selfish moron like Burress is out, they kick butt.

Without going into anthing about the legal ramifications of Plax's actions, as he is innocent until proven guilt, one thing needs to be said concerning him and all professional athletes. We have high expectations for our athletes, some may say they are even too high.

But, what exactly, do we expect?

We expect them to show up and do their best all season long. We expect them to follow a certain code of conduct. Nothing out of the ordinary--pretty much the same rules every other law abiding citizen follows. Ok, maybe a bit more stringent, as it would probably be a good idea for athletes to NOT hang out in nightclubs as they are likely to have problems that come with being well known.

What do they get for this? They are financially rewarded with princely sums of money. And, they are treated like royalty everywhere they go. They are asked to pay a very small price for a huge reward, and dunderheads like Burress and Pacman Jones simply can't get it.

The NFL, all sports, in fact, step up and discipline players from time to time. But players continue to push the envelope. I wish I knew why. It is illogical. It's not like careers, especially in football, last a long time.

Go Yankees

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