Saturday, May 10, 2008

Igawa is horrible as Yankees lose

AAs predicted yesterday Igawa was going to be terrible. He lived up (or wold that be down) to the advance billing. He surrendured 11 hits in 3 innings of work, and wasn't helped by less than spectacular fielding. Betemit was terrible at 3rd, making them miss A-Rod as much for his great glove work as for his MVP bat.

The only good news, and it's hard to find any good new when the team is below .500 nearly a quarter of the way into the season, is that Cano and Giambi seem to be coming out of their protraced slumps. That, and A-Rod's workout went well yesterday. He is scheduled to come back with the big club on Thursday against the Rays. Posada has been working out, but is believed to be about a month away. Karstens is also due to make a rehab appearance or two, and may be back with the squad very soon.

Today, Rasner takes the mound at Comerica Park at 3:40 on Fox 5 in NY against the talented, but inconsistent, Bonderman.

Despite the Yankees mediocre play, they are still within hailing distance of the league leading Red Sox.

Just a few more days until:


Go Yankees

Friday, May 9, 2008

Yankees follow blueprint and win

Yesterday everything went according to plan, which means the Yankees blasted home runs, and the starting pitcher gave them almost 6 innings (actual blueprint for success calls for 7 strong innings, but at this point, take what we can get.)
Moose did ok, then Ohlendorf held the lead until turning it over to Joba and Mo. Mo continues to be "lights out" as he has not allowed a run yet in his 9 saves.

It would be nice to say the offense really came through by scoring 6 runs, but I am a little disappointed. Giambi, Cano, Damon, and Betemit all homered, while Cano chipped in with a double, too. With that kind of power explosion, the team should have pushed across anywhere from 8 to 12 runs or more.

Today, the Yankees go into Comerica Park and try to get even for getting swept last week by these same Tigers.

Igawa gets his first start of the season against Kenny Rogers. I'm looking for a lot of Yankee runs, and, unfortunately, probably a lot of Yankee relievers.

Matsui quietly continues having a good year. His average is up to .345, and once the offense gets going, I'm sure his RBI total will start to rise. Right now, he is on a pace for a respectable total, but below his usual 100+.


Go Yankees

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Same old story, Yanks lose, offense sucks wind

The Yankees wasted another good starting pitching performance last night as they got shut out 3-0 as Wang drops to 5-1. The offense continued to sputter as they could only muster 5 singles and a pair of doubles as the power outage at the Stadium goes on.

In more bad news, A-Rod is going in for an MRI, pushing back his return to the Yankees even more.

If the rain holds off, Mussina faces the Indians at 1:05 at the Cathedral on YES.


Go Yankees

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yankees lose a tough one

Andy Pettitte pitched well, and got them into the 7th inning, but once again, the offense was so puny they only pushed across 3 runs with 7 singles and a double. It's easy to blame Joba for the loss, as he did give up a 3 run HR after walking 2 batters, but it really was a cheap shot onto the RF porch. I don't mean to sound apologetic, and I'm not, but again, the Yankees need to put some offense up. 3 runs in a game does not cut it in the AL, particularly with a power team like the Yankees. With Posada and A-Rod still on the DL, it does hurt, but this is a team loaded with All-Stars. No excuses accepted. Many teams would be happy to boast a lineup with Damon, Jeter, Giambi, Abreu, Cano, Melky, and Godzilla. They are loaded even without Jorge and Alex.
Finally, some good news. It is thought A-Rod can start working out today. He may even make a start or 2 in Trenton or Scranton before returning to the big club.
Today, Wang (6-0) starts against Lee (5-0) in a match of unbeaten starters at the Cathedral. Game is on YES at 7:05.

Go Yankees

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can Yankees keep the streak going?

Tonight (7:05 YES) the homestand continues. I thought they were heading out to the Jake, or whatever Cleveland calls their stadium now, but it was just an all too rare off day for the Yankees. Andy Pettitte squares off against Carmona in what should be a well-pitched game. A-Rod and Posada are still at least a week away, so the rest of the squad has to shoulder the load. They are more than capable of it.

Around the majors:

Joe Torre is leading the Dodgers to what looks like a winning season. They have won 9 of their last 10. In Chicago, Ozzie G has let loose with an expletive ridden tirade that, when played on ESPN, was more bleeps than words. Meanwhile, in NY, stirrings about Willie have already started, partly based upon last year's collapse.

Go Yankees

Monday, May 5, 2008

Rasner pitches Yankees to 3rd win in a row

Rasner came in from Scranton to pitch a great game against the Mariners. He tossed 6 strong innings and the Bombers finally pushed some runs across in support. Melky led the way with his 6th HR, a 2-run blast, and Cano followed up with a shot to right. The offense also contributed 14 total hits.
It seems as if they are finally coming out of their slump. And it's just in time as the Yankees face the Indians and Carmona tomorrow.
Today is an off day as they travel west.

Some quick notes:
Ian Kennedy was sent to Scranton. It's hoped he could get things together and get back into the rotation. Rasner, who was one of the last cuts in the spring, pitched great in Scranton, and earned his shot back to the big club.

Go Yankees

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yankees make it 2 in a row

Yesterday's win was a big one. It finally got the team back to .500. And, they started to hit as they combined for 13 base knocks, 9 of which were singles. Moose pitched well, picking up his third win by pitching 6 innings of one run ball. I hate to complain following a nice win (6-1) but this is Seattle, not one of the strongest teams around. Damon had 2 doubles and a HR, the rest of the team just some singles. Seattle played sloppy, and I would have liked to see the Yankees do a little more. 20LOB is sad.

Today Rasner (0-0) starts against Silva (3-0) at the Cathedral of Baseball.

1:05 0n YES.

Go Yankees

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