Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekly catch up

It is just about over for my Yankees. Even if they run the table, it will take a complete collapse by the Sox and Twins.

Fortunately, both the Giants and the Jets are off to a great start as the G-Men took care of the Redskins on Thursday's opening game, and Brett Favre led Gang Green to a nice win against the Dolphins.

Sunday, look for the Giants to square off against the Cardinals, while the Jets are home against the Tom Brady-less Patriots.

In other sports news, women's hockey teams are preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics and the score of one game was so unbelievable, I had to check other sources.

Slovakia beat destroyed, humiliated, routed, crushed, hell, just pick any one Bulgaria by the score of 31-0. Oh wait, that was only the first period score. The final was 82-0. They scored on average every 44 seconds.


Go Yankees

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