Saturday, May 3, 2008

Yankees finally win one

With Ace Chien Ming Wang on the mound, the Yankees always have a chance. He keeps the other team down, and yesterday, he didn't disappoint. Wang turned in 6 strong innings, allowing just 1 run and striking out 5. He then turned over the pitching to the pen, and they came through admuirably as Farnsworth and Joba held the Mariners down until Mo came on in the ninth to nail it down in a non-save situation.

The offense, again, was anemic. They managed to bunch up their 6 singles and 1 (one, uno) double to push across 3 runs (1 earned) against a very good pitcher. 4 Seattle errors should have spelled disaster, but the offense couldn't capitalize on all the free passes. The one bright note was in the 8th, they managed to push across 2 more runs. This is the first time in a few games that the Yankees padded a lead.

In today's game (1:05 on YES) Moose (3-3) takes the mound aginst Hernandez (2-1) at the big ball orchard in the South Bronx.

Go Yankees

Friday, May 2, 2008

Yankee losses keep piling up

For the first time since 1966, the Yankees were swept by the Tigers in a 3 game series. And the hitting woes continue. The first 2 batters, Damon and Jeter, got on and scored on Abreu's HR. That was pretty much it for the day as they only managed 8 singles the rest of the day.
Kennedy didn't help as he, again, didn't get out of the 5th inning. This is going to start taxing the pen, as Yankee starters have been very inconsistent with getting into the 7th inning. All the Yankees injured isn't helping either, as Hughes is out until July, A-Rod is on the 15 day, Bruney is looking at an August return at best, and no one knows when Posada will be back.

Tonight, Wang (5-0) gets the nod vs Bedard (2-0) as the Yankees take on Seattle at the big ball park in the South Bronx.

In what has been a dismal season, thus far, here is some good news. Former Yankee all-star Bobby Murcer is returning to the broadcast booth tonight. The doctors have said his cancer is in remission, and while he is weak, he is showing improvement every day.

Go Yankees

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another day, another Yankee loss

The homestand has not been going very well for the Bombers. With the injuries to two key cogs in the Yankees machine, A-Rod and Posada, the scoring has been anemic, at best. Last night they only managaed 4 singles and a double, and left 9 men on base. The team average is a paltry .255, with some decent, but not great, power numbers.
Add to the injured list Hughes, and Bruney, and this team is in big trouble.

Tonight, winless Ian Kennedy takes the mound at 7:05 on YES.

Go Yankees

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yankees lose another one

The opening game on this homestand, against Detroit, was full of hope and promise. Hughes was on the mound against a struggling Kenny Rogers. Looking to build on the 2 game winning streak, I was looking forward to a hitting explosion. Instead, Hughes got knocked out in the 4th inning, and the Yankees left 18 men on base, wasting 8 hits and 8 free passes from Tiger pitchers.
Today, Pettitte (3-2) takes the hill against Bonderman (1-2.)

A-Rod and Posada are out.

Game time is 7:05 on YES

Go Yankees

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yankees Vs Tigers

Tonight on YES at 7:00 in NY area.

Hughes (0-3) goes for his first win against a struggling Kenny Rogers (1-3)

Hughes pitched well in his last rain-shortened start.

Go Yankees

Yankees Earn Split

It may not be what I expected, but the Yankees earned a split with the Indians last night, 5-2. The offense, despite their 5 runs, was somewhat lethargic, managing only a double and 4 singles. The mighty offense did manage to score as they used 3 infield singles, a walk, and some ground outs to push acrosss 4 runs in the 6th inning.
But on the bright side, the Yankees got the nwin as Mussina pitched well, throwing 5 innings of 2-run ball. The pen came through with 4 shutout innings and Mo notched his 8th save of the young season.

Looking around the league, The Rays and the O's are atop the AL East,m while Florida leads the NL East. Have I entered Bizarro World? It's probably just early season craziness, happens every year, it seems. It may have been Bill White, when he was Yankees announcer who explained it as the bad teams just don't realize yet that they stink. Though, I will say, the Rays are pretty impressive. Between Crawford, Upton, and a decent young staff, they may just be around for a while.

Go Yankees

Monday, April 28, 2008

90's Braves Staff --Best Ever?

John Smoltz has been in the news lately as he recently passed the 3000 strikeout mark. He is almost a certain first round Hall of Famer. That got me to thinking about the Braves staff of the 1990's. They featured a Big 3 of Smoltz, Glavine, and Maddox. That is 2 300 game winners, and Smoltz, who without his seasons lost to injuries and his nearly 3 seasons as one of the top relievers in the game, he would be right near that same mark. I wondered if this may have been one of the greatest staffs ever assembled, with 3 HOF starting pitchers. Thinking back to some of the great staffs that I have witnessed, and all I could come up with was the '69 Mets, and the Orioles of the 70's who had 4 20 game winners in one year. Palmer was the only HOF Oriole, and the Mets had Seaver and Ryan. But neither team had the longevity of those Braves squads. For 10 years they stayed together, which is a feat in itself in the day of free agency. Can anyone remember a better staff, even for one year?

Go Yankees

Lights out pitching finally produces a win

Wang pitched a masterful game to go to 5-0. He scattered 4 hits over 7 innings while striking out 9. Joba was back and on fire, whiffing 2 of the 3 he faced. Mo, brilliant as usual, did the same and pitched a hitless 2 K inning to notch his 7th save.

Yankee offense was again pretty pathetic, only managing to slap 2 singles and a double to go along with Melky’s game winning HR. Sure, they were facing the ‘07 Cy Young winner, but ithas been a trend of late. Jeter had a one out double, and they didn’t bring him in and wound up leaving 9 on base.

I’m waiting to hear more about Posada. It was a big blow losing Bruney possibly for the season, and now Jorge is facing the DL for the first time in his career.

Clemens is back in the news. More to come, I'm sure.
I never did like him.

Moose (2-3) takes the mound tonight vs the Indians at 7:05 on Yes and ESPN.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

This just in

Jorge Posada has an appointment with Dr. Andrews.

This is usually not good news. The New York Times reports that he faces the disabled list for the first time in his career with a shoulder tear.

This Is Getting Old

It was in the Star-Ledger this morning that Joba Chamberlain is hurt and was unavailable. While this may have contributed to yesterday's 4-3 loss to the Cleveland Indians, the bottom line is this: The Yankees are built to score, and they haven't been. 3 runs in a game doesn't cut it. Leaving 9 men on base leads to losses. The 5 through 9 spots in the lineup totalled 2 hits and a walk. The names read like an all-start team, Giambi, Cano, Ensberg, yet they can't push across a run or two. Hell, they couldn't even get a hit. Today, Wang (4-0) takes the Hill against C.C. Sabathia. It should be a good game. C.C. is coming off a great game, and Wang is coming off a disaster, yet I look for him to right the Yankees ship today.

Quick look around the majors, I noticed that Ryan Howard, Phillies slugger, has 37 strikeouts in April.

Just for a little perspective on how great Joe DiMaggio was, his worst strikeout totals for a year were 39 (once) and 37 (once.) And he did his while belting an average of 30 HR (in a 154 game season) and hitting .325. And back then, Yankees Stadium left field was called Death Valley. The CF fence was 461 feet away from the plate. And deepest left center was 457 when Joe played.

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