Friday, August 15, 2008

Such a season

The pain continues. Giese is on the DL now.

I'm getting tired of everyone pointing out the Yankees payroll and laughing at their struggles. They have been so destroyed by injuries, it isn't even funny any more.

What team would even be mentioned as having an outside chance after losing their catcher, left fielder, #1 (Wang) and #3 (Hughes) starter, a key reliever expected to join the rotation (Joba) for much of the season, along with their All-Star 3rd baseman missing a month.

Sure, teams get banged up, but this is ridiculous. In essence, 50 % of the staff is down. I'm not talking about sheer numbers, but who they are. Losing an ace starting pitcher like Wang is much more devastating than losing a middle inning reliever.

Matsui All-Star OF, has been out most of the year. He was a consistent 100 RBI guy who never missed a game before this year.

Posada, All-Star catcher, never was on the DL until this year. Talk about key players going down unexpectantly.

And Wang got hurt running the bases. WTH?

This is why I have accepted that this may not be the year. So many freak injuries.

But, I do remember the last time a Yankee team suffered and came up short. 1997. And we all know what happened the next year.

Go Yankees

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stoopid Yankees

I hate to admit defeat, but I think the season may be lost. Time is running out, the injuries just keep piling up, and it's not looking good.

Go Yankees

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