Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can Yankees keep the streak going?

Tonight (7:05 YES) the homestand continues. I thought they were heading out to the Jake, or whatever Cleveland calls their stadium now, but it was just an all too rare off day for the Yankees. Andy Pettitte squares off against Carmona in what should be a well-pitched game. A-Rod and Posada are still at least a week away, so the rest of the squad has to shoulder the load. They are more than capable of it.

Around the majors:

Joe Torre is leading the Dodgers to what looks like a winning season. They have won 9 of their last 10. In Chicago, Ozzie G has let loose with an expletive ridden tirade that, when played on ESPN, was more bleeps than words. Meanwhile, in NY, stirrings about Willie have already started, partly based upon last year's collapse.

Go Yankees

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Babchi said...

you are kinder than I...I am sure I cannot say too much in a positive manner about Joe "traitor" Torre.

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