Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jets and Giants win

The Giants won a battle against the Eagles Sunday night, while the Jets pounded St. Louis. The game was over by half time.

The free agent baseball market will be in full swing soon. Manny Ramirez is one of the stars seeking employment. It's kind of interesting that due to his attitude and the amount of money he is seeking, his options are severly limited.

I really am looking forward to the Yankees movement in the market. They need to retool, and are probably going to seek out some pitching.

Early reports are that Andy Pettitte will be back. I'm not sure about Mussina, but these are both back of the rotation pitchers now. Moose is coming off what was his best year as a Yankee, but this will be his 19th MLB season, and that is a lot of pitches. Andy, too, was always one pitch away from a career ending injury it seemed.
Not sure what is going to happen with Joba and whether Phil Hughes will return from his injury riddled season. Mo had another great year, but he is not getting any younger. Lot of question marks on a staff that had question marks last year.
CC Sabathia and Dempster are 2 big names that may be available. Giambi will be released, and that means Mark Texiera may be pursued. Posada will be back, but who knows what they will get with him. The 2009 team may take a few weeks to introduce themselves to each other.

Go Yankees


lot 2 learn said...

Go Giants ! I thought that was a great game.

Da Old Man said...

It was, no matter who you rooted for. Anyone who was a fan of football could have enjoyed it.

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