Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Teixiera Sign with Yanks

Just as I predicted on December 19th, Mark Teixiera signed with the New York Yankees.

Not one of the "experts" predicted it, and the Yankees denied it all the way. And, while the Yankees are spending like mad, it should be pointed out that every acquisition made sense. In the past, they sometimes grabbed players just to keep them away from another team, or to bolster a strength, but not so this year. They are rebuilding (this hurts) a 3rd place team that needed a major overhaul. They finished 8 games behind, and 3 out of the wild card. The 2008 Yankees were a good team, but they play in the AL East, a division that is loaded with 2 other very good teams, and a couple other decent teams. No punching bags like Seattle or Oakland here.

The Yankee pitching was nearly non-existent, so they added a great pitcher in CC Sabathia, and a good pitcher in AJ Burnett. With Wang returning from injury, they have a "Big 3" as good as any other team. Good enough to make up 8 games? Maybe. But the Rays will be better this year, and so will the Sox.

They were pretty well set at every position, except first base. Looks like that hole has been filled.

The Manny Ramirez rumor is still circulating, and I am pretty sure the Yankees will pass. A couple years ago, when Manny was on top of his game, the Yankees could have had Manny when the Sox put him on waivers, and they didn't claim him. All they had to do was pay him 20 mil per. Why would they sign him now, a few years, and a couple incidents later, for 25 mil or so? It makes no sense. I predict they are going to pass.

And, I've been right so far this off season.

Go Yankees

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