Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yankees rotation falling in place, Hot Stove Report

With the signings of CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett, the Yankee rotation is looking pretty strong. They also lead the league in starting pitchers with initials instead of names.
As of now, the big 3 starters are CC, AJ, and Wang. Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and Ian Kennedy round it out.
Obviously, they won't have a 6 man rotation, so Kennedy, Chamberlain, and Hughes will be up for the last 2 spots. And, according to the rumor mill, Andy Pettitte is still in the running for the #5 spot. While one can never have too much pitching, as proven by last year's injury plagued season, it is almost certain the Yankees will not go north with 7 starters. I'd look for one of 3 things to happen: a trade of Kennedy or Hughes (I'd hate to see Hughes go) or letting Pettitte finish his career eleswhere, or keeping Joba in the pen, setting up Mo until he hangs up his spikes. Mo is 39, so how much longer can he pitch?

In football news, the stupid Giants were outplayed by the 'Boys. That is painful. In their defense, the Giants have 3 starters on offense out, not counting that loser Burress. And Hixon would make a great defensive back, as he can't catch and hold on to the ball. Two weeks in a row he dropped a potential TD pass that hit him in the hands.
This week, we play Carolina. I'm looking for a big Giants win if everyone is healthy.

Go Yankees


Anonymous said...

I picked up Hixon in my fantasy football league, but I guess "handcuffs," as they call them in fantasy football, don't work for receivers as well for running backs-- although Mr. Burress is going to be testing that theory. ;)

Anonymous said...


Da Old Man said...

@ Unfinished: Hixon has dropped so many passes lately. He could be a huge winner for you, if he holds on to a ball

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