Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slow week

Nothing much happening in Yankee Stadium. No signings, no nothing. Still waiting to get word on Pettitte. Spring training is less than a month away.

Giants are sitting home. Super Bowl in a week, so this week should be a lot of coverage on Mike and Mike on ESPN 2 in the mornings.

I'm rooting for the Cardinals, but don't think they can beat the Steelers. I'm rooting for them because it will be their first championship since 1947, and the first Super Bowl win ever.

Go Yankees


I Hate Commercials said...

You probably already heard, but the Yanks signed Pettitte to a 1 yr contract on Monday for $5.5 mil

Da Old Man said...

I heard. It was the only logical thing for him to do. Bet he's glad he turned down the initial 10 mil offer.

I Hate Commercials said...


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