Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Manny Ramirez turns down 25 million

Manny Ramirez turned down the Dodgers offer for 1 year at 25 million. I don't get that, as he doesn't have teams beating down his door, and time is short.
This is starting to remind me of Rod Carew at the end of his Hall of Fame career, or even better, Bonds last year. Carew was a good guy, and his last year he was productive, batting .280 with an OBP of .371. Just no one wanted him for the price he asked, so he retired.
Bonds, well, no one wanted the circus that came to town with him.

Andy Pettitte also found out that MLB clubs are just not falling all over themselves to throw money at players who are flawed. He turned down the Yankees initial offer of 10 million, and held out for...

5 million.

The top players get the big money, still, but the second and third tier guys are coming up far short of what they got a few years ago.

Go Yankees


I Hate Commercials said...

Anything going aroundabout the Yanks trying for Ramirez?

Da Old Man said...

@ I hate: It was a rumor, but I doubt the Yanks would be interested. Last word from Cashman is that the team is looking to make some trades, and are done with free agents for this year.

Giants Fan said...

This is very sad, too many players end up like Manny and Carew. I think a lot may have to do with them listening to their agents...

I Hate Commercials said...

I hope they make a couple more solid moves. I had a bad year as a sports fan in 08 hoping the yanks can start off 09 right.

Da Old Man said...

@ Giants Fan: No doubt he is listening to Boras.

@ I Hate: You and me, both. The Yanks were awful, and the stupid Giants played badly in the playoffs. 2009 has to be better.

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