Friday, March 27, 2009

Girardi announces opening day pitcher

In little more than a week, on April 6th, the Yankees open the season. Today, manager Joe Girardi proclaimed the starting pitcher against the Orioles will be CC Sabathia.

The first game in the Bronx will be April 16th against the Indians.

Ok, who could be surprised by this? The Yankee ace gets the ball to open up the season. The surprise would have been anyone else getting the nod.

The staff is really rounding into shape as Joba and Burnett have pitched all but "lights out" ball this week. If the staff stays healthy, and they should, the Yankees will be playing in October.

Go Yankees


Anonymous said...

Can Girardi pull all of these talented players together and make a run for the playoffs? I think this is a very important year for Girardi to keep his job.

Mr. H

Da Old Man said...

@ Mr H: If the Yankees miss the playoffs, barring something exceptional, Girardi is gone.

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