Friday, May 29, 2009

Joba to the bullpen?

I just was listening to Francesa, and he said by August 1st, Joba will be in the 'pen.

This has been on the mind of many Yankee fans for quite a while as Joba has been only ok as a starter. He has lost about 5 MPH in velocity, which Girardi claims was expected, but the difference between mid and high 90's is pretty significant in the big leagues.

Way back in the 70's when the Ryan Express was bringing it at over 100 MPH, I had some great seats at a game against the Angels. I was on the first base side and pretty close. It seemed like he wound up, and the catcher was throwing the ball back to him.

Yeah, Ryan threw some heat. If I recall, Nolan was consistently hitting between 100 and 105. As much as I like Joba and admire his talent, he has never approached those numbers. And, if the extra 5 MPH is really true, then would Ryan have been able to throw 110 or so as a reliever?

It just sounds like PR, and maybe Joba, as good as he can be, is best suited for the 'pen. He has shown flashes of brilliance as a starter, but he has also been average.

Go Yankees

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Chris @ Maugeritaville said...

No. No. No. No. No. If what you say is true, Johan Santana should be in the pen. Josh Beckett should be in the pen. Joba has four solid pitches. He needs to iron out the kinks, granted, and command his fast ball a bit better. But he is just a kid. Starters are at a premium. And depending on how Wang shapes up and what's going on with Pettitte, the Yanks are just not deep enough to move Joba.

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