Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yanks rally in 9th to beat Angels again

Andy Pettitte was cruising along, headed to an easy win, when suddenly, the Angels did what they always do to the Yankees, they rallied and scored like crazy. Next thing I knew, it was 9-4.

The Angels would hang on, and then K-Rod would ome on and nail down the win.

But wait, Frankie went to the Mets, leaving a huge gap in the Anglel 'pen. And the Yanks took full advantage, drawing to 9-8 entering the ninth.

And, with no K-Rod, the Angels just couldn't hold on. Yanks loaded the bases with no one out, and things looked dire for the Angels.

Jorge Posada walked up to the plate and with the infield drawn in, I was a bit nervous. Just get under it, Jorge. Hit it deep. A tie would make me happy, I didn't want a double play cutting down the runner at the plate or something equally awful.

Instead, Jorge came through with a solid single to left center, and 2 runs scored for a walk off base hit and Albaladejo picked up the win with an inning of shutout relief.

Today at 1:05, Sabathia looks to keep the ball rolling as the Yanks go for their 5th straight win and to take their first series from the Angels since Nixon was President.
(It really hasn'tbeen that long, but it's been a while)

Go Yankees

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