Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday afternoon Santana vs Burnett

Should be a classic old fashioned pitching duel.

Maybe it will be like when Koufax faced Marichal. Memories of Seaver and Perry came up.

How about Stottlemyre and Lolich?

Clemens vs Martinez?

Fire up the grill, chill a couple brews, we are in for a good one.

Again, as both teams fail to follow the script, here is is, 4th inning, and the Bombers are up 13-0. Now, I love hammering the stupid Mets almost as much as the Sox so no complaints here.

Just going to sit back and enjoy a laugher.

Go Yankees


Chris said...

Instead of Stottlemyre vs. Lolich it turned out to be Custer vs. Indians.

What a fun game to watch, though!

Da Old Man said...

@ Chris: I'm from the Jacob Ruppert School of enjoying a Yankee game. Let them go up 10-0, then slowly pull away.

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