Monday, April 28, 2008

Lights out pitching finally produces a win

Wang pitched a masterful game to go to 5-0. He scattered 4 hits over 7 innings while striking out 9. Joba was back and on fire, whiffing 2 of the 3 he faced. Mo, brilliant as usual, did the same and pitched a hitless 2 K inning to notch his 7th save.

Yankee offense was again pretty pathetic, only managing to slap 2 singles and a double to go along with Melky’s game winning HR. Sure, they were facing the ‘07 Cy Young winner, but ithas been a trend of late. Jeter had a one out double, and they didn’t bring him in and wound up leaving 9 on base.

I’m waiting to hear more about Posada. It was a big blow losing Bruney possibly for the season, and now Jorge is facing the DL for the first time in his career.

Clemens is back in the news. More to come, I'm sure.
I never did like him.

Moose (2-3) takes the mound tonight vs the Indians at 7:05 on Yes and ESPN.


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