Friday, May 2, 2008

Yankee losses keep piling up

For the first time since 1966, the Yankees were swept by the Tigers in a 3 game series. And the hitting woes continue. The first 2 batters, Damon and Jeter, got on and scored on Abreu's HR. That was pretty much it for the day as they only managed 8 singles the rest of the day.
Kennedy didn't help as he, again, didn't get out of the 5th inning. This is going to start taxing the pen, as Yankee starters have been very inconsistent with getting into the 7th inning. All the Yankees injured isn't helping either, as Hughes is out until July, A-Rod is on the 15 day, Bruney is looking at an August return at best, and no one knows when Posada will be back.

Tonight, Wang (5-0) gets the nod vs Bedard (2-0) as the Yankees take on Seattle at the big ball park in the South Bronx.

In what has been a dismal season, thus far, here is some good news. Former Yankee all-star Bobby Murcer is returning to the broadcast booth tonight. The doctors have said his cancer is in remission, and while he is weak, he is showing improvement every day.

Go Yankees

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Babchi said...

Give them a break...these Yankees are missing an element they seem to have had in the past. Whatever it is it has been slowly leaving the team. Each season of late they are not the "same old team."

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