Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yanks seek vengeance against Pirates

Yup. That is how they have been previewing this series against the Bucs. The Yankees are finally getting a chance to make up for their defeat in the 1960 World Series. They do this all the time. The one bad part of interleague play is the stupid talk as if teams that last played nearly 50 years ago have some sort of connection to the teams that meet today. Doesn't matter than none of the players are still around, and none of the players on the field today were even alive in 1960. Some knucklehead somewhere thinks this is important. For the baseball history buff: Pirates won game 7as light hitting (138 career HR .260 avg. in 17 seasons) Bill Mazeroski hit a walk off home run.


Go Yankees

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Paul said...

today's 10-0 game was pretty sweet, but revenge will never be fully taken till we smack the pirates in the World Series!

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