Friday, June 20, 2008

Switch Pitcher

If he makes it to the majors, his baseball card will be the first ever with this designation. Bats B; Throws B.
Pat Venditte, of the Staten Island Yankees single A affiliate is a switch pitcher. And he throws well with both arms. He uses a custom glove that is ambidextrous.

AP photo

In last night's game, Pat faced a switch hitter, though, who refused to commit. The game was delayed for a while as the pitcher and batter went back and forth, responding to each other. Eventually, the umpires made the batter, Ralph Henriquez, commit. He batted right-handed, and struck out.

If Pat makes it to the majors, it will be an interesting situation, as they will have to make a rule just for him.,0,2025908.story

In other Yankee news, Joba pitched well enough to get the win, giving up just one run on 4 hits. Unfortunately, the Yankees didn't take the lead until after he was removed from the game. Joba looked absolutely dominent when he had to be. Could he step into the role as the Yankees ace? It's too early to tell, but it appears the first member of Generation Trey is ready to come to the forefront.

Go Yankees

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Tommy Buettner said...

Actually, there was a MLB pitcher that could throw with both arms, but was never allowed to. He even had his own special glove also.

This guy was Gene Nelson, who had his best years in the bullpen for the A's in the late 80's and early 90's.

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