Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yankees win on weird play

I just saw one of the craziest endings to a game in a long time.

Mo was on the mound, runner on first in the ninth. Yankees with a one run lead.

Fly out to Abreau. He loses the ball in the sun. Gets a glove on the ball, and drops it. He gets ball, and fires it to second. Overthrows Jeter. A-Rod, backing up the play, gets the ball, and flips to Jeter for the force out.

That's the great thing about baseball. When was the last time anyone ever saw a 9-5-6 force out?

On the next AB, Molina threw out the guy who reached on the FC, so it wound up looking like a normal inning in the record books, but it was rare for those who witnessed it. Almost lost in all that was Pettitte pitched 8 innings of one run 9K ball.

We are breathing down the necks of the Sox.

Go Yankees

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