Sunday, October 5, 2008

Giants Pound the Seahawks

The G-Men came to play today. They still have not allowed a first quarter TD, and the Giant offense is running like a well oiled machine as they put up 44 points against the Seahawks. The defense continues to prove stifling as they held the potent 'Hawks offense to 2 field goals.
The Giants are playing like they are the best team in football, and anyone thinking they just got lucky last year, must be reconsidering that now.
The defending Super Bowl champs are playing like they will do the improbable and repeat.
In the 4th quarter Manning came out of the game to give Carr a few snaps, and Carr drove the team in for a TD.
Manning wound up 19-25 with 267 yds and 2 TDs
Carr 1-1 with 5 yds and a TD
Jacobs rushed for 136 and scored twice
Giants put up at least a TD every quarter.

Looks like Peyton isn't going to be the best QB at the Manning's Thanksgiving dinner table this year

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