Friday, October 3, 2008

Playoff update

As I sit here and watch the Cubs- Dodgers series, I can only think that Torre and Piniella were both fired from the Yankees.
This confirms what has been said all along by so many--the manager doesn't win or lose the games. No less than the great Earl Weaver admitted that he produced no wins for the O's during his many years as manager.
I remember when Torre first came to the Yankees, he was called Clueless Joe. Then he won 14 straight years including 4 Championships. Suddenly, he became Clueless again?
I contend, and always will until someone can prove otherwise, that if a manager has the horses, he will win. If he doesn't, he won't. I remember the Cubs from a few years ago, maybe the mid 80's. Don Zimmer was the manager, and he did some of the craziest moves, and they worked. Went against the righty lefty thing, and so on. But it seemed whenever he went against the grain, the Cubs came through. And Zimmer was declared a genius. The next year, he did the ame things, and they didn't work, and he was a dope and soon was looking for a job. I'm pulling for the Dodgers just because I'd love to see Joe back in the Series. It will give Hank Steinbrenner (dumb bastage) something to stew about.
In football action, the Giants are back on the field after their bye week. Burress will be sitting as per his suspension as the G-Men take on the Seahawks. The Jets are off, giving Farve a week to rest his ankle.

Go Yankees

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