Sunday, March 8, 2009

Alex Rodriguez to get hip surgery

It is reported that A-Rod will get the hip surgery and be out 6-8 weeks. This is a 2 stage operation, and he will need part 2 after the season ends.I am glad he is getting this done rather than drag it out all season.

We can expect to see him back sometime in May.

In other news, CC Sabathia did well in his outing, as did Wang.

We saw the game Wang started, and he threw 3 innings and other than a solo HR, he did well. He made a nice play fielding a bunt, and threw strikes. The staff is rounding into shape. The team has plenty of offense to make up for A-Rod's absence, and will only get better when he comes back.

Go Yankees

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Tommy Buettner said...

I agree with you, Joe. Get it taken care of now...not only for baseball reasons, but for quality of life. Get it while you are young and healthy and strong enough to recoup.

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