Friday, March 13, 2009

I hate the WBC

I don't get it, really. Who gives a crap which team wins the World Baseball Championship? I'm an American, and proud to be so, but if Team USA wins this thing, does it affect my life in any way?
A-Rod (who, BTW is sitting out due to injury/surgery) was supposed to play for the Dominican Republic. He was born in NYC. Hold on, let me get a map, and see what that makes him.
Oh wait, he did live in the DR for a few years, but by his teen years he was living in Miami. Ok, back to the map...and this guy is an American, so why in hell would he play for the DR? Because his parents were born there? That is just stupid.
How many generations does this go back? Should the American team strictly be Native Americans?

Now pitching for Team USA, Sharting Buffalo.

I want to see the Yankees play the Cubs, not the Chinese play the Koreans.

Go Yankees


I Hate Commercials said...

hahahaha thank you for that

goldensparks said...

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Da Old Man said...

@ I Hate: You're welcome.

@ Golden: Thanks

Anonymous said...

Joe, For once we do not see eye to eye. I have enjoyed every game so far (thank god for a DVR and an understanding wife). To me, this is as exciting as the World Cup is to futbol fans.

There have been some great underlining stories to the WBC this year. Korea vs. Japan was exciting to watch. Cuba just as strong as ever. Puerto Rico making a strong run. And don't forget about the Dutch sticking it to the D.R. in dramatic fashion.

Sure, the WBC needs some improvements, and I am sure they will come, but remember, it is still in it's infancy.

ScoreboardGourmet said...

well, if you put it that way, does any team winning any game really have an impact on your life?

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