Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playing with Joy; Yanks defeat A's

I watched tonight's game with the Mrs. and saw something that made me realize just how special a player Derek Jeter is.

He nearly got picked off at first base, and I told Mrs to watch his face as he gets up. And there it was--a huge smile on his face. This guy loves to play baseball, and it shows in his every action, every day. So many ballplayers have crappy attitudes, they bitch and moan all the time, yet Jeter always plays all out and with a smile.

As to the players who complain, what the hell is wrong with them? It's every kid's dream, to grow up and play (notice no one works baseball) and they are rewarded with huge amounts of money, and opportunities the average person never gets. Just look at mediocre players, after they leave the game, they usually are very successful as doors are opened that Joe Average never knows existed. Stars, of course, are set for life financially by age 35 or sooner. Players should be smiling all the time.

As far as the game, the Yankees looked good tonight. Pettitte was on, and in typical style, he would bend but not break. Andy scattered 9 hits and only allowed 2 runs. Teixeira and Gardner both threw some serious leather to help him out of a few jams. He tossed 7 innings and got the win as the Yanks beat Oakland 5-3. Mo picked up a save, and Bruney got a hold. Damon homered, the A's were kept in the park as the air was rather heavy.

By the way, Pettitte was hitting the low 90's on the radar gun, which made me happy.

And the current situation with Wang is being worked out. He will go to Tampa to try to get his mechanics straightened out. Last night's rainout and Thursday's off day has set it up so he can miss the Sox series. He said he is feeling well, and it's hoped an extended Spring Training game will get him back to his Cy Young contending self.

Go Yankees


Chris said...

Bruney wasn't as lights out as he's been recently, but I'm hoping he can be a solid 8th inning guy. Tex keeps impressing me, especially since he seems to be getting it done with RISP. Hopefully that'll rub off on A-rod when he returns. What a 1-2 punch THAT could turn out to be.

Da Old Man said...

@ Chris: I would hope Alex picks up that habit from Tex.

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