Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yankees square off against Red Sox tonight

The Bronx Bombers are going into Fenway riding a nice 3 game winning steak tonight, and Joba will face Lester in game 1. Both teams have identical 9-6 records and the Sox have a 7 game streak.

While it is early to put too much emphasis on this series, it is always nice to beat Boston.

Game time is 7:10 tonight, and tomorrow it's the 4:00 game.

In Yankees news, Wang started against Phillie farmhands in Tampa and struck out 11. Most pitches were down, but he did hang a few that would have been hit hard in the bigs. Cashman is pretty sure Wang will have at least one more minor league start. He is working with Billy Connors (theres a name old Yankee fans should remember.) The DL is still a possibility.

In other news, Phil Hughes is 3-0 at Scranton. A-Rod is progressing well, and is expected back no later than May 15th.

Go Yankees


I Hate Commercials said...

Any talk of them moving Hughes up any time soon?

Chris said...

Joba's gonna have to step it up tonight, that's for sure. Beckett vs. Burnett on Saturday should be great, and Pettitte vs. Masterson is interesting also. Two out of three is doable if the hitters show up. I predict a big weekend for Tex. Say, three homers and 7 RBI's for the series.

Da Old Man said...

@ I Hate: Haven't heard anything, but he has been lights out in Triple A. It depends on how many starts they give Wang coupled with off days. They were able to skip him thanks to the rainout.

@ Chris: I'm looking for a big game from Joba tonight. And tex does seem to be hitting his stride. Matsui is also getting hot.

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