Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lots of general sports news

To begin with, the Yankees did win last night. Wang did great, and may be back on track.

Cool contest on another blog. Here's the deal.

You win a bag stuffed with great stuff.

The bag will have the normal assortment of wearable Market Leverage T Shirt, golf shirt, jacket and cap so you’ll be able walk around town and be a human billboard. Not that you’ll mind doing that since the bag will also contain the following really good stuff:

Flip video camera
$200 Market Leverage Amex Rewards card
USB drive that is also a pen
iPod Nano.
For that custom touch, the iPod will be engraved with Market Leverage and your blog name. Total value of the bag of stuff is over $500. And it can be all yours!

How To Enter

There are two ways to enter the bag of stuff contest. You’ll receive one entry by simply replying to this post. Easy, right? You only have to reply once. You can reply more than once but you’ll still only get one entry.

Go to John for the chance to win.

Go Yankees

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