Monday, June 9, 2008

This morning

I was talking with my Red Sox fan friend this morning. He agrees with me, Big Papi may be out a lot longer than expected. Here is where we differ, though. I'm happy about that, he's sad.
It looks like the Yankees are starting to pick up some steam. Joba showed a lot yesterday as he overcame first inning jitters to turn in a decent performance. He threw nearly 80 pitches in 4.1 innings of work, striking out 5. It may not qualify as a quality start in the traditional sense, but I thought it showed the potential is there.
The schedule for the next few weeks doesn't look too tough, so they may be getting ready for a nice run of wins. Interleague play starts next week, with Houston, San Diego, and Pittsburgh due in after a short series with Oakland. This may be a chance to close the gap with the division leading Sox. We could be in 1st (or darn near to it) by July 4th.

Go Yankees

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