Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wang out until September

This just reminds me of the video boxing game (may have been called Punch Out) where one can hear the announcer say "Body Blow." That's what I feel like with this news. The staff is reeling. The number 3 pitcher, Hughes, has been out most of the year. Number 5 pitcher Kennedy is out. Now number 1 is going down. Things are looking down in the Bronx. How many teams could lose 60% of their starting staff for most of the year, and have a chance?

Looking crosstown, the Mets out-Steinbrennered the Yankees. They did something in a manner even worse than George at his worst. They fired Willie Randolph. Talk about bad timing. They did it after a win, and after the beginning of a road trip. They easily could have done it before the team left for LA. They could have done it before Willie had his post game press conference, and talked of the positive move toward the future as the team won 3 of 4. Totally classless move, Mets.

Hank Steinbrenner, obviously upset that the Mets got the back page of the Daily News, is now carrying on about Wang'sd injury. He is blaming it on the lack of the DH in the NL. Come on, Hank, he was running the bases. When I was younger, even I could run the bases without getting injured.

It was a freak injury. Shut up.

Go Yankees

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