Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another day, another Yankee win

Joba got hit by a comebacker in the first, and the 'pen held off the O's and the Yanks rolled to their 9th straight win. Initial reports are that it is a bruise and obviously is day to day. More news will be out tomorrow.

In other injury news, Wang will make one more start in the minors before getting called back to the big club.

Phillies are in town for the Memorial Day weekend as inter league play starts. I wonder how Ryan Howard will like the new Yankee Stadium? Considering that more homers have been hit into the right field stands at the ballpark in the South Bronx than total homers at most other ballparks, it should be an interesting weekend.

Go Yankees


Chris @ Maugeritaville said...

How bout those Yankees? I'll settle for 2 out of 3 over the weekend. Looks like the real Tex has finally arrived. Only a game and a half back. It's "go time".

Da Old Man said...

@ Chris: 2 out of 3 would work for me, too.
BTW, the over under on homers for the weekend is 15.

I'm taking the over.

Anonymous said...

With the yankees hitting and the quality starting pitching the Yankees ahve this should be a big year for the yankees. I don't hear as much from the yankee haters as I dis 10 days ago

Da Old Man said...

@ Anon: They have been quiet lately

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