Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yankees come back in 9th to beat Phils

Ninth inning heroics as A-Rod smacked a 2 run homer, and Melky then drove in Cano who had singled and stole second as the Yanks beat last year's "Mr Perfect," Brad Lidge. That is another walk off game winner for Melky, and another cream pie.

4 Homers as balls continue to fly out of Yankee Stadium. My favorite part of the game, of course, had to be the horrible announcers. John Mayberry Jr. was just called up, and had a big game. The announcers spent considerable time talking about John Mayberry Sr, and had him in the crowd and on camera several times. Here's the best part--they had the wrong guy.

Rubber game is Sunday at 1:00.

Go Yankees


Chris @ Maugeritaville said...

Buck and McCarver are such obvious Yankee-haters that they should be banned from calling Yankee games.

Another character win for the guys, though!

Da Old Man said...

It was a great win.

They are total haters. I can't stand when they broadcast the games. Today, at least, the game is on YES.

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