Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another walkoff win, another cream pie

AJ Burnett has introduced as new tradition at Yankee Stadium, and it would be great to see it happen another hundred times this year.

As the Yankee who drove in the winning run gets interviewed, AJ comes up and hits him in the face with a cream pie.


Johnny Damon who homered in the bottom of the 10th was the latest "victim."

The third straight come from behind walkoff win, and 5th straight win overall, has thrust the Yanks right in the middle of the race.

And nothing but good news from down on the farm as Wang pitched well at Scranton, going 7 innings and getting mostly ground ball outs (the sinker is working well) and Bruney is on track to be back in a few days, also.

Monday, the Yanks finish up the 4 game series with the Twins as Pettitte takes the mound.

Go Yankees


Chris said...

It's about time the Yankees got some characters like this. That should work wonders durring the Dog Days. Though he took some heat from fans over at the YES Network boards, I gotta like Gardner's aggressive running. Sure, it can be called misguided, taking the winning run off third with only one away, but it's an error of aggressiveness which isn't always bad. Of course, the fact that the Yanks won anyway makes it easier to find the positive in Gardy's move.

Another great win! Keep it going tomorrow for the sweep! DON'T JUST GIVE IT AWAY, GIRARDI!!!

Da Old Man said...

@ Chris: I prefer a rookie make a mistake like that, one of aggressive play, rather than being overly cautious.

Burnett is reminding me of Sparky Lyle, who was the ultimate prankster.

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