Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crowley is lucky to have a f&%$#@* job, Yankees win

I was watching the game tonight on YES, and the announcers started talking about the hitting instructor for the O's, former major leaguer Terry Crowley. Just some filler, nothing important. In the background, clear as can be, someone in the booth said "Crowley is lucky to have a f'ing job." Only he didn't say f'ing. He dropped the "F" bomb over the air. Someone has to learn that mics are pretty sensitive today.

As for the game, both the offense and the defense showed up on the same night. Rasner (4-0) pitched very well, tossing 7 innings of shutout ball with 6 strikeouts. Joba closed it out with 2 shutout innings and another 3 Ks.

On to the offense. A-Rod is back, and he is leading the Yankees as only he can. He hit another homer tonight, and a bad call by the umpires cost him a second one. When the umps blew the call against the Mets robbing Delgado of a HR, at least it was close. This was in the stands, as it hit the steps, and bounced out. To his credit, Alex took it in stride. He led the hitting attack with a pair of doubles (one should have been a HR) and a homer. The team totalled 13 hits and 5 walks, and pushed across 8 runs.

Oh yeah!!!

In Joba news, he pitched 2 innings tonight, and according to Girardi, this is part of the process of turning him into a starter.

Tomorrow, Kennedy (oy vey) pitches the rubber game against the O's (7:05 on YES.)


Go Yankees

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