Monday, May 12, 2008

Pettitte to start tonight

Due to the rainout, Pettitte will start tonight against the hard hitting Rays at Tropicana Field.

In other news, Jeter was scheduled to bat clean up if the game would have been played against the Tigers. It would have been only the second time in his career that the Captain hit in that spot. The rainout may have changed the rotation. Girardi hasn't decided yet whether he wants Rasner to face the Mets on Friday, or go with Igawa as originally planned. The rotation against the Rays will be Pettitte, Wang, Moose, and Rasner, unless Girardi holds him back. Otherwise it will be Igawa against the Rays. Whatever game Igawa pitches, I hope the infielders wear Kevlar. They have had enough injuries this year.

And on the injury front, A-Rod is due back this week, while Posada is scheduled to work out with the team. Giradi expects Jorge back in the lineup on June 1st. Karstens has made some rehab appearances and may be back with the big club in a few weeks. That's the good news.

Now for he rest of the injury report.

Albaladejo will not require surgery, but he will need more than two weeks of rehabilitation at the club's Spring Training facility in Tampa, Fla. Betemit is on the DL along with Bruney and Hughes. This is not the team Girardi brought north with him. So many early injuries. : (

Go Yankees


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Babchi said...

Rain, rain go away, come again when the Yanks don't play...

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