Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yankees lose' offense pathetic

The Yankees wasted another great effort by Wang last night as the pathetic offense totalled 4 singles, a triple (of course, they failed to drive in Jeter from 3rd with 1-out) and a solo HR in the 9th that only prolonged the inevitable. Total for the game was 4 singles, a triple, and a solo HR. That's a good inning, but anemic for an extra inning game. Mo got tagged for the loss as he gave up a single, stolen base, and another single in his second inning of relief.

I am losing faith rapidly.

4 Yankees are at or below .200, and it's getting tough to watch. I had written a long explanation about the Mendoza line (which is where nearly half the team is at) and unfoirtunately it was eaten by the cyberspace monster (bastage.)
I'll have to explain that reference in a later post.

Anyway, Moose tries to halt the slide tonight, but unless he can teach Cano, Giambi, Duncan and Molina (he just looks confused swinging the bat) the strike zone, I'm not feeling really confident against the division leading (what? I swear I'm not making that up) Rays.


Go Yankees


shyne said...

"I am losing faith rapidly."

Saving you a seat at Fenway.....;-)

Babchi said...

Is it time to sing the swan song or the funeral march?

Da Old Man said...

Fenway? Fenway?

Why I oughta....

shyne said...


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