Saturday, May 17, 2008

So, what's going on with the Yankees?

Yesterday was rained out, so Rasner will miss his start as Pettitte takes the hill today against the rival Mets (1:05 on YES.) Amongst the fans this rivalry nearly equals that of Yankees-Red Sox. Pettitte was given the nod because he has always been a big game pitcher.

As much as I respect Andy, I think Giradi is making a mistake. He already pushed Rasner back to start the Mets series, and now he's pushing him back again. It's not just an issue of fairness, it's an issue of long term effect for the Yankees. While Pettitte, Wang, and Mussina have been doing well, the Yankees need 2 more dependable starters, and Rasner has done well in his 2 starts. I know the long term plans are for him to be a long reliever/spot starter but the rest of the staff is breaking down. He has earned the respect of a regular spot in the rotation. I don't know if he'll be there when Hughes comes back, but until he loses the job, it should be his.

At the quarter season mark, how does this team look? It's hard to give an accurate assesment. They are in last, but only 5 games off the pace. At only two (2) games under .500, they are not terrible. They have been wracked by injuries to key players. It's hard to score when 2 of the biggest bats are out, especially when their replacements are awful. The team struggles continue as half of the team is at or below .200.

But fans always look for the bright side, the light at the end of the tunnel. I've found the light. A-Rod is due back Tuesday, and Posada is starting to throw, so he is not far behind. Getting those big bats back in the lineup makes everyone better. Cano is showing some signs of life at the plate. The big 3 pitchers have delivered thus far. The pen has been strong, and Girardi seems to be using them well. Farnsworth is pitching like he should, and Joba and Mo are nearly lights out every time, while Hawkins and the rest are getting the job done consistently.

Lastly, quite a few teams in other divisions are having problems, so the all important wild card slot may be wide open.

I have hope they will get through this once the team is back at full strength, the Yankees will be back and challenge for the AL East title.

Go Yankees

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