Friday, May 16, 2008

Subway Series starts tonight

While it may get rained out, the two struggling teams from NY are scheduled to battle it out at 7:05 at the Cathedral on TV 9 in NYC. Santana faces Rasner as both squads look to get back on the winning track after both suffered humiliating 3 of 4 series losses to teams they should have spanked.
I suppose I should mention yesterday's game. Ian Kennedy took the ball against Scott Kazmir. Ok, one of the worst Yankees pitchers, against one of the best in the AL. Yankees hitters mired in an awful slump. As predicted before the game, the Yankees were going to get smoked, and they did. Kennedy left early enough that the Rays were held to only 5 runs, but the Yankee hitters continued to struggle at the plate, amassing 7 singles as the power outage continues. Half of the Yankee starting team had averages near or below .200.
The current Rays staff and team has reminded me of one of the most famous squads in MLB history--The Baby Birds. These were the young Baltimore Orioles of the early-mid 1960's that eventually became one of the best teams in the AL, dominating the league for many years. They featured good young pitchers, and decent hitting. This Rays team is showing that kind of potential.


Go Yankees


Babchi said...

Nope, it is gonna be a rainout...

Da Old Man said...

Thank goodness.

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