Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yankees lose, offense horrible

Yankees dropped another one last night, losing 7-1 to the Rays. Just when it looked as if the offense was starting to get out of the doldrums, 5 singles and a double shows they are still mired in a loooong slump. Andy looked bad, and the rest of the team looked worse. Giambi and Cano are still under .200, and Molina is barely over at .214. And the news doesn't get better as A-Rod isn't due back for another week.

It's way too early to say the Yankees are done, but I'm not feeling good right now.

Wang starts tonight at 7:05 at the Trop.

BTW, this is the first time in their history that the Rays have been 6 games over .500.

Happy belated Mother's Day:


Go Yankees

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Babchi said...

I have come to love the Yankees, and I am heartbroken that Pettitt cannot find his grove...I guess I need to see if the Rockies can give me a boost.

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